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  1. James222

    ARMA3 banned in Iran

    Could be due to the fact that BI is NATO-Bias and has (proxy?) company that sells simulation software that might've been used to train for something like a war with Iran.
  2. James222

    PMC Ulah-Yuryakh

    This would be awesome in conjunction with some mechanized airborne missions/scripts.
  3. James222

    MV22 Door Gunner Project

    Not completely true, you know Bobby Kotick holds the same opinion ;) Modding only cheapens IP's.
  4. Apparently its going to run on a scrapped down TKOH, won't be purchasing it then.
  5. James222

    MV22 Door Gunner Project

    You turned the first page into a public mess. I think it would have been more professional if you PM'd him and apologized for ruining the first page, though I'm not a mod. Great work on the addon OP, I can't wait to try it out with friends in a mission :D
  6. All there needs to be is a acre_api_fnc_FindAndSetBaseRadioInArray and then there would be no issues.
  7. ACRE devs: What happens if say there is a persistent mission that assigns players weapons back to them when they rejoin and then they get a radio in there with the ID they used last game that conflicts with a radio ID somebody currently in the server has?
  8. I think those variables are local to ACRE client. And I'm not quite sure if they will get reinitialized on reconnect since ID's are per-radio. Ill ask in ACRE thread.
  9. I know, but that isn't what I want to do. This is probably a lost cause feature, I'll just have to remove radios on disconnect I guess.
  10. I'm making sort of a persistent mission and acre is conflicting with it because it has ID's. And I want players to keep their radios after the server restarts with my inventory saving setup I'm developing. So when they reconnect it should conflict with radio ID's of people already in the server. Which is why I need to strip weapons player copycat array when they save it. ACRE has functions to getBaseRadio and stuff but I don't know how to find and locate the unique radio's in weapons player array because find only works on comparing the full string.
  11. James222


    This is amazingly useful for what I do, thank you.. thank you so much.
  12. Good idea, but how do I make it so each publicvariable is different depending on player UID? I know it would be something with format but not completely sure.
  13. Yeah.. bis_fnc_help dident give me much to work off of other then bis_fnc_findnestedarray which was not helpful as find works for the entire value and matches it. Damn.
  14. I need to do it server side, and the array of weapons isn't actually (weapons player) its stored in a separate array. I'm trying to look through the array then find some text in one of the element of the array, then get the path to that element(ex: select 3) and then replace the entire element with something else.