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    With 6 years of experience since the launch of Arma1 Dog company (DC) is a military simulation clan for Arma2. We are currently looking to expand substantially in preparation for Arma3. We are based on a U.S.Army infantry structure and play regular (weekly) operations in a mil-sim environment. We use realistic military tactics and strategy to achieve our objectives and maintain a high standard of player ability and knowledge. To apply prospective applicants need only have a mature attitude, access to a microphone and team speak, A copy of Arma 2 and availability during operation times. We also run Acre and a stable build of ACE to enhance realism. We are based on EST and boast a Multinational Membership Check us out in action here: To apply or just for more information check out our website. Look for us in the Dog company forum section at: http://www.teamnoobless.com/index.html Or feel free to Email me for more information: DogCoyRecruitment@hotmail.co.uk Regards. SSG.Chief
  2. Squad name: Dog Company Timezone/location : EST Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): COOP (we have been known to PVP other clans) Contact email: DogCoyRecruitment@hotmail.co.uk Website address: http://www.teamnoobless.com/index.html Short description: Military simulation clan for Arma 2 Language: English