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  1. Oh I didn't expected so many answers at once.
  2. Hello Community, There's something that confuses me, in the properties of Benny's Warfare for Operation Arrowhead is a command line for the "High Command" module (always enabled). So, if I try to switch to the High Command perspective using ctrl + space it doesn't work (as a non-commander). Might it just be use able for the commander?I didn't tried to use it as a commander yet.If yes is there a solution to handle a lot of units more compact (Mod etc.)? I hate to select every of my units by pressing F1, F2, F3, F4... also, to separate them as teams doesn't makes it better.
  3. Hello, I am kinda confused and mad right now, since I got the patch 1.11 It's not possible to join any server anymore.When I join a server it's loading like it should be but then, it suddenly crashes. The maps still work in singleplayer tho.My first thought was, maybe I downloaded the wrong battleeye dll's, re-downloaded them for v1.11 but still crashing.I am playing arma/opf already for a long time and something like this didn't happened before. My system (probably not important because it worked fine before 1.11): Ram: 4Gb ddr3 Cpu: Intel core i3 2100 Graphics card: Nvidia Gtx 560 1 GB ddr3
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    AI Improvement

    We'll hope so.
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    Arma 3 hands on @ Gamescom 2012!

    Wish I were at gc 2012 to see it.