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  1. Great job Aplion! Those vehicles rock! I just want to ask if you can raise the armor and the firepower of the Leo2A6 and 2A4 because it is to low in my opinion. I shot 5 rounds to destroy a M1A2 with 2A6 HEL, whereas one hit to the front armor from a T-72 destroyed it!!! Except that maybe some dirt on them and is a 10/10 mod for me! Keep up!
  2. Problem Solved. I have reinstalled the game. It was the only solution.
  3. I have encountered this problem today, that all the units, from the ArmA 2 factions, speak English... The Takistani units speak their native language, but the CDF, the Russians and the CHDKZ speak English!!! I have downloaded the pcdf mod, cba, and ace lately. I don't know if it is something from these mods that causes that problem, if it is a problem of my game and needs reinstall, or if it is something that I can fix... Can somebody provide me any help?
  4. hkm

    Project CDF

    Thanks guys! I respond a bit late because I had a problem with my I.P. and couldn't enter the forums! It was a problem with my system finally! I have reinstalled the game and now works fine! Only bug that I have found is the Rifleman M16A2 of Chernarus that carry the FN-FAL! Nice pics of the Chernarussian Special Forces and police! Keep up the good job!
  5. I did but still the same... Everybody speak English except the Takistani factions... I said about the mods that I had downloaded because I don't know if it's something from these mods that caused the problem...
  6. Actually all the units except the Takistani, speak English... It is very annoying to hear all of them speaking English. Any ideas?
  7. hkm

    Project CDF

    I have reported as a bug previously that all units speak English but it is probably a problem with my game... Can the others confirm it please? I don't want to report as bugs problems with my system. Thanks!
  8. hkm

    Project CDF

    Great work Gossamer! I am a great fan of the Chernarus universe and this expansion is really a big boost to my campaign that I want to create! I just want to report some minor issues that you already might be aware of: 1) Under [Chernarus/ Men (Western)] and [Chernarus/ Men (Western Desert)], the Rifleman (M16A2) has an FN FAL as a rifle. 2) All the units from Chernarus, South Zagoria and Russian Federation speak English. If I will find anything else I will inform you. Thanks again!
  9. Perfect! I hope to see the ELBO produced APC in action! But even if I won't, I expect high quality stuff and variety! Oh! And I just watched your video about your destruction effects... My heart broke witnessing that great tank blown to pieces!:D Amazing effects! Congratulations! I will wait for your details! Great job brothers!
  10. It is very nice to see that the Hellenic Armed Forces are expanding! They needed for sure their heavy armored beast!:D Good job brothers! Very nice textures and model! Take your time with that and make it perfect! Are you thinking to introduce maybe, any other vehicles, aircrafts or ships to the Hellenic Armed Forces in the future? Keep it up guys!
  11. Amazing work guys! State of the art units and vehicles you offered us here! Keep it up! I just have one question about your future updates. Are you going to contain any Special Forces? And again great and very detailed job! Thank you!