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  1. i have only "Ricomincia Missione"(restart mission) the "Ritorna" (backup) key is off in all missions, do you want some file?
  2. i buyed the Hinds expansion and there are the 3 new threads but in this new threads i can not exit from the heli, I yet try keyboard settings, and I realize that the problem is only in these 3 new missions in "Hinds" espansion
  3. i finished the all 10 missions in career mode i was really disappointed for the low number of missions in asia i got only "the lowgbow operation" 02 si alza la marea (the tide rising) ricordo: operazione longbow H eliporto asia meridionale 03 il calanco when i start the mission "H eliporto asia meridionale" it's return on the menu where i choose the mission