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  1. Can anyone help me find out why my mission wont work? it just gets stuck at the loading screen. i can hear sounds from the game however. been letting it load for about 2 hours now... https://www.dropbox.com/s/96hc62kilrms365/co%40x_the-rebellion.altis.rar?dl=0 All you need is CSE,TFAR,Alive
  2. Any ETA on Isla duala indexing into alive?
  3. parratt

    TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms

    Hey any chance of more jean + anything?
  4. Well i only synced The Two of one side to the Opcom of the other. so that was probably the issue. testing now ---------- Post added at 18:39 ---------- Previous post was at 18:14 ---------- Well, cant see if it fixed it since i changed something and now our mission wont go past the Splash screen. ---------- Post added at 18:41 ---------- Previous post was at 18:39 ---------- Scratch that. i found out. it seemed adding a MLRS Support broke it.
  5. Hey i have a question. i added two sides to my mission. AAF and NATO. i want them to actively go out and attack each other. but they really don't do that. they do fight each other but its seldom. any ideas how to make them more aggressive?
  6. Yes i know about that addon too. yet its still just a port of Arma 2. Thus asking Toadie for a XM8
  7. Oh i know all to well, http://i.imgur.com/keKjRnl.png (2893 kB) However, its not to the level i would like to see and thusly why i asked Toadie.
  8. Hey Toadie! first off, love your work its hands down some of the best looking stuff available to the community. However i would like to know if you plan to do a XM8 pack or if its within the realm of possibility's? Good work and keep it up!
  9. Any chance we can get Panthera A3 for alive?
  10. Firstly I Apologize if this is meant to be in troubleshooting but here it goes. My Server keep crashing 5Ish minutes from mission load. Ive linked the three dump file and i would love some help! https://www.dropbox.com/home/Arma%203%20Crash
  11. I Bloody Love you guys.
  12. http://i.imgur.com/ld9XWRq.jpg (384 kB) Welcome to "The Rebellion." This is my first mission I've released so please report bugs, give suggestions, and your feedback. You're a FIA fighter and the start of the civil war. your enemy is the AAF. you have three camps that you can take the FIA tunnel system to the other camps from each camp. To do this. Find the shovel and click on the action in your scroll menu. Camps: The Mount. This camp is your spawn point. It is on the south-west side of the map east of Kavala. The Marsh. Relatively large camp in the east side of the map near Nifi. The Shed. A Very small camp in the northwest mountains. East of the Synneforos wind farm. Objectives. Fight the AAF. Destroy their installation, Fight their troops. and take everything you can find. you're going to need it. VAS Is available at "The Shed" its there only if you need it. For getting guns such as HLC AK's. Don't abuse it or it can ruin the experience of being a FIA Insurgent. Requirements: Alive, CSE And TFAR. Also Creativity and Courage! DropBox Link Armaholic Link.
  13. Those menus look amazing! ETA On 3.0?