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    issues with multiplayer servers

    That might be it if i had issues with any other game, or applications like the dayz launcher but it is just this game (regular Arma 2 works fine as well its just OA/CO). Also that solution dosnt make sense for why the servers will show up in the first place but then disappear after i click on them to enter.
  2. Im not sure if this should be on trouble shooting or not but i have been having issues with the server list for a few days now. What happens is i will get a list of servers, lets say i want to play on a taki life server and then when i highlight a server it will disappear. this will not happen to all of the servers i highlight however, just a few. restarting arma dosnt help, restarting steam dosnt help, restarting my computer will help some times but it gets really annoying. does any one know a solution to this problem? thanks in advance.