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    Sending Maya Models To Oxygen

    Thanks for replies......I am using obj to import into oxygen. I also discovered the handy 3ds plugin native in Maya which means I can bring models back into Maya for tweaking. But there are some challenges with this as well. Why is RVE and oxygen like this? Are there benefits? Stupid Q?
  2. Fish911503

    Sending Maya Models To Oxygen

    Thanks...well I gather from that that uv's will be imported with model. I hope this apply's to .obj as well. I'm so spoiled with headus.
  3. I want to build models in Maya and Bring them over to oxygen so they can be used in a mod. I am new to modeling for games. All I know is polys need to be triangulated. On some models I get error: Extra characters on line (maybe more vertices on face than supported) at line 862, What else could it be other than n-gons? Is there a way for me to check line 862? Can anyone offer tips for preparing Maya models to be brought into oxygen? Like naming conventions, topology or shader\material restrictions, ect.. I would prefer to work in Maya as much as possible...and only do in oxygen what can't be done in Maya. Thanks
  4. Fish911503

    O2 or O2.5?