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  1. With that logic you might as well just use the RH library for A2.
  2. This has been a problem for me since I started using AiA? Want to take an awesome screenshot? Can't, because there is some insignificant error in some script somewhere that I can't be assed to fix. In the middle of a firefight? Can't see the guy because the game is more concerned with telling you that a variable isn't defined? Too bad you got shot. If it doesn't crash the mission, if it doesn't make the mission not do what it should, then it is not worth ruining my gameplay experience for. Errors are only an issue if they cause problems. The only thing causing a problem right now is that damn, unmoveable, unmoddable (trust me, I found the script that makes it and tried to get rid of it that way), and unhideable bastard black box. Make matters worse? They say that it should only be enabled in the dev mode in the latest patch, low and behold its still enabled in both the dev mode and regular mode.
  3. Awesome, hope to see the ability to create and modify rtm's via blender in the future.
  4. Ever since the beta update I noticed that custom weapons that I've made personally will cause the game to crash. Essentially I can load the entire game, set up a mission and everything, but as soon as a unit shoots with my weapon and it connects with another unit, it ctd's. Now, its not being caused by any other mods. I've tried it by itself. I've also tested any other weapon mods that I have. I highly doubt it is being caused by the model itself, so I figure it must be in the config (there was a recent beta upgrade so why not). I decided to look into another beta updated weapon pack's config files to see if anything radically changed, and nothing did. So, has anyone else experienced these issues and how do I fix them?
  5. AmericanFAC

    Color Artifacting

    Yes, without it. There are no artifacts, but also no appropriate shading/specular, etc.
  6. AmericanFAC

    Color Artifacting

    When importing models in O2 to preview color textures, or even how the Super shader's normal and specular will appear, everything will seem normal. Yet when I bring the object into Arma 3, what should be a flat color now has bits of a dull green/blue/ and purple all through out giving it an odd appearance. This only happens when greys that would be dark enough for guns, how do I prevent this?
  7. The stream is for all intents and purposes a tutorial
  8. I can see binarizing the model, but as for how its made. There's really no reason why people should have to re-invent the wheel EACH TIME. Good thing someone is making tutorials for A3 though, the only other How to content for Arma is from some ancient game called Flashpoint
  9. FINALLY. Someone gives us a look at how to texture things for Arma specifically and not for things in general! Thank you
  10. AmericanFAC

    FHQ M4 for Arma 3 (Prerelease)

    What did you do to get the cases to eject?
  11. AmericanFAC

    M16A4 Example

    May I ask with what? It seems the A3 character models are animated via FBX exports from 3DSmax. And in my experience, trying to use the A2 BI character to animated results in the hands experiencing strange contortions. So what are you using?
  12. AmericanFAC

    How to make Animations for A3A

    Yeah, offset did it. I also got it to work with the axis so that I can have the bolt rotate. Now I need to find a tutorial on .rtm's so that I can make custom anims without O2 crashing.
  13. AmericanFAC

    Can you customize magazine's like attachments?

    I'd love to see a working version of this. I'd much rather have one model, that has 20rnd/30rnd/magpul etc all together but as different selections. Is there even a way to define a variable like that? Such as you'd have CfgWeapon->define magazine type class->set magazinetype variable to 1-2-3 etc, then in the cfgmodel's call upon that variable in some way?
  14. AmericanFAC

    RH wip Thread

    @Seth. Yes and no. Now that Arma 3 has a better animation/reloading system we can have more personalized animations. However, the issue is Oxygen and how poor it is for making animations and exporting them without error or crashing.
  15. Really? We still have people supporting that third party application? Why not put it on mediafire, or hell at this point, Steamworks