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  1. Does anyone have a problem with units getting stuck in tactical pace. This makes them only walk the gun up no matter what. Traveling longer distances is almost impossible. Any ideas?
  2. Hello Rich, I have the exact same problem as you do right now. I have backed up the previous version of ST HUD and that is what I am using. I love the aspect of the STGI, I think it's brilliant for mislim gameplay and being able to assign buddy teams etc. without seeing the diamonds 100s of meters away. I really want the STGI for the STHUD but however for now I am using the old version.
  3. Looking for a EU/NA realism unit. Have 2 years of experience in arma 2 milsiming. I am very interested in providing air support in form of transport or CAS, I'd like to see what arma 3 really has to offer. How ever infantry suits me fine also. I do prefer strict military chain of command and respect between the members. I do not wish to be part of a group of 50 in which 25 of those are 14 year old boys. I do not seek a big community, I do prefer smaller (20 members or so) but if you are bigger you can still PM me and I will check you out. I am interested in dedicating my self full time to a forming community also, so even if you have 5 members do PM me. You can contact me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198033792212/ (I do change my names from time to time so here is my steam id) I am in the GMT+0 UK timezone. Looking forward to see what communities have formed in arma 3 already!
  4. Due to several circumstances the 1st Takistani Infantry is currently disbanded and inactive.
  5. Welcome to The 1st Takistani Infantry Regiment. Based in EST (with members from EU) we are a group of players that has got tired of the Blufor units. We instead formed around the Opfor Takistani Army. We aim to provide a rich milsim Opfor experience while focusing on the tactical fun side. There will be no "Sir", no paper work and no physical training. Information: Teamspeak 3: 1sttaki.teamspeak3.com In Game Server: To be set up. Website (Still in the works): http://www.1sttakistaniinfantry.com Forum: http://www.1sttakistaniinfantry.com/forum/ Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/1TIR About Us: In the 1st we focus on the fun tactical game play and professionalism while staying away from calling each other by rank or by "Sir". We want all of our members to feel equal and at the end of the day this is a Internet community that is work of fiction. We will be focusing around the infantry aspects of the game, how ever elements such as Helicopters, Armor and Artillery will be used when possible. We are basing our ranks and structure off of the Egyptian Army and other contemporary Middle Eastern militarizes. We also use a unit module that gives us units which are much more modern, not the post cold war Takistani Vanilla units. Our Campaigns, Operations and Training will take place in the weekends. Usually around 6-8pmEST. We will play on our public server in the weekdays on game modes like Domination and MSO and play missions if the lads wish to but these will not be scheduled. Enlistment: We do not follow an age criteria, anyone is welcome as long as they have a serious take on the game. We do not welcome kids that will team kill for the "lols". The requirements are as follows: Arma 2 CO: You must own a legal copy of Arma 2 Combined Operations. Teamspeak 3: Must have a working microphone and download the teamspeak 3 client. Steam: Not a enfroced requirement but we like to contact members through steam and the steam group provides a nice event schedule. Maturity: We do not believe in age restrictions, but you must show a ability to teamwork and be mature. Future enlistment will be done through our website, until then we will handle enlistment through a simple teamspeak interview. To enlist you must do the following: Either PM me on this forum or add me on steam: Diego1255 Or connect and contact someone on our teamspeak: 1sttaki.teamspeak3.com
  6. I am 2nd IC of a newly formed Opfor fictional milsim unit, The 1st Takistani Infantry Regiment. We have around 10 active members at the moment of making this thread and are still growing. We wish to seize the opportunity to have a simple partnership with a fellow opfor unit. We are very much up for TvT against Blufor units however there is a real juice in playing COOP. We are looking for a group of players that play tactically in a Opfor / Independent faction. We wish to conduct cooperative missions which would involve us working together to accomplish an objective. I have in mind some of the following scenarios: 1TIR working together with an opfor unit to complete an objective. 1TIR working together with an opfor unit against a Bigger bluefor unit. 1TIR working together with an Independent unit to complete an objective. 1TIR working together with an Independent unit against a Bigger bluefor unit. We are willing to do coop with a blufor unit when playing as an independent faction such as the guerrillas or UNO for example. However this is not what we want to do on a regular basis but would be interesting. If you wish to follow up on such a offer, please feel free to get in touch right away. There are not many Opfor groups out there but I would be very interested in forming some sort of bond with one. I did a search personally on this forum and thus far not found a active opfor unit. To get in contact you can do the Following: PM on this forum. Add me on steam: Diego1255 Conect to our teamspeak3: 1sttaki.teamspeak3.com
  7. Squad name:- 1st Takistani Infantry (Opfor) Timezone/location: EST (Members from Europe Also) Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Milsim Coop Contact email: macudadavid215@googlemail.com Website address: http://www.1sttakistaniinfantry.com Teamspeak3: 1sttaki.teamspeak3.com Short description: Opfor tactical realism unit based on the fictional Takistani army. We do use our own units pack, we enjoy a bit of role play but also provide a tactical experience with out the notorious "yes sir, no sir" restriction. Language: English
  8. Can these be used with ACE? as ACE backpacks? Im having trouble with finding out ^^
  9. Is there a way to create a loud out. Then get a workable initialization code that you can put into the editor? So the LEA wouldn't interact with the game, instead getting access to a code and putting it into the game manually. I am asking because I am making custom preset load outs for a online unit and would like an easier way to make these, rather than manually :D. If not then Copy and Paste will do :)
  10. This will be like my 3rd post on this thread :D. Regardless, I am looking for a EU or NA, MilSim Tactical squad. Bluefor or Opfor I am not looking for something big, if you have 40+ members please do not PM me. I am 16 years of age and live in the United Kingdom, I can play with NA based squads on weekends but prefer ability to play with members during the week. I can be active daily how ever I run my own clan in another game meaning this will be my priority however most of my days will be free to participate in ops. I aslo own arma 3, any squads looking to expand there in the near future I would like to participate with you if I join you.
  11. Me and my friend decided to join an Opfor, original unit called the KPA. We've had awesome time how ever the unit was shortly disbanded within the weak as the leader could not lead anymore. This left Myself and 3 other guys looking for a unit. 2 of us are EU timezone, the other 2 are in the US. We are looking for an English speaking Opfor Milsim unit. TvT or COOP, we enjoyed playing as the Koreans People Republic (for something fresh) and we want to continue playing as Opfor. Russia, or even insurgents. Please PM me if you are such a unit. If you are Blue, you can try PMing but don't expect a reply. For a direct response you can add me on steam: Diego1255
  12. Hey guys, I decided to post here. I have been in several squads for the past couple of months. All the squads I've been in where large 40+ active member based units. I really enjoyed large operations and campaigns how ever I also experienced some very negative things that new players often experience in large communities. After these several months I have decided to look for a smaller unit, where one player can make a difference, can be part of the larger picture. I believe my self a dedicated member of any community that I fall in love with, how ever that is not always noticed in the larger community. I will join any squad that has 20 or less active players. I am in the UK how ever I can fairly easily attend NA events. Of course I am looking for a mature unit and can fill in any position that is really needed. I have most experience being a helo pilot (and that's what I would aim for) but I can also easily fill in a LMG or a medic role without a problem. You can contact me through a PM, or even easier a steam friend request. - Diego1255 - Steam name. Hope to see a reply soon Dave
  13. Game is worth buying for the multi player how ever, the multi player is pretty much dead. Unless you have a good set of buddies to play with the game will be no fun :/ If anyone is looking to play Iron Front add me on steam : Diego1255 or PM me, thanks