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  1. tonys

    Eden Objects

    If it would be possible, could you make the smaller objects like Flashdrive and Mic etc inventory items . It would be awesome to walk up and snag them from the ground.
  2. If anyone has Ideas of Skins they would like to see for the F35C message me with a Pic or few as references Ill see what I can knock out before summer classes start back up.
  3. Few shots of the VFA-103 http://imgur.com/a/aCGmk hope you guys like it
  4. @Tuna, I am working on other skins that are more military related such as my interpenetration of VFA-103 I may post pictures later today if I get to the point where I feel its cleaned up enough to show.
  5. Thought I would give you guys a sneak peek at the F-35C I was working on the skin for fuller and wanted to share a few shots! click here for all 3 http://imgur.com/5g34EU7&9gL0rzD&pzgDZNI#0
  6. current server key is not compatible with latest update.
  7. Looking sweet man, one tiny suggestion for the BIS AV-8B Harrier if your adding that, have the hovering ability similar to Fullers CV-22, where you hit auto hover and use flaps to adjust the nozzle angles or make it adjustable via key press.
  8. Btw, being that I was a crew chief (C-5's) for the USAF the ground crew that you are using is a bit off, it should have a sand colored tee-shirt just a reference pic.
  9. tonys


    Im glad to see you messing around with this, It has and will probably always be one of my favorite ARMA scripts, Thanks for the time and effort you have put into this!
  10. tonys


    http://www.slugsite.com/archives/875 its got some good information on it about the skyhook, mainly the comments from pilots and crew if you havent read it before. As far as multi pickups are you saying group or staggered single pickup? In all honesty if I can find a balloon model for this, air dropping a crate with said harness and balloon would be cool along with maybe a enviro suit, Ill try and dig around this weekend, I doubt I can find one that will simulate inflation but in the long run if it become a mod having an attachment for various C130s ingame with the front hook and wires needed for a realish recovery. I wonder if its even possible to have the line actually wrap under a C130 ingame and have said person(s) dangling from it.
  11. tonys

    Ghost Missions

    Thanks for digging around and tying out new things, when I talk to ghost next Ill mention it to him if he hasnt seen your post yet.
  12. tonys


    I have been in class all night and havent had a chance to mess with it more, Im not concerned with the radius, I just have my guys spread out 20-50m granted I have not tryed with the new system for multiple pick ups, I do like the new rope, I wonder if we could make a proper balloon for this, if I was any good at modeling I would make one that inflates, and make something like http://www.diverescueintl.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Light_Salvage_and_Recovery.jpg for underwater aplications.
  13. tonys


    Thanks John Ill test it out soon. Update: in your mission only the heli can pick you up, the modified wipeout dosent seem to lift. Tested it out a bit, still messing around with some of the code to make it universal to plane/heli type, easier for missions where a named plane/helicopter needs to respawn. I would add _link hideObjectGlobal true; It looks better without seeing the skeet.
  14. tonys

    Ghost Missions

    I was worried it was a script error from USAF causing the Dedi to hang, I have experienced it after placing a tent down and respawing on it but have not noticed it prior to deploying a tent is this the same for you? It really seem to be randomly happening and only affects the main weapon nothing else in the loadout that I could see. have you seen anything that triggers it to happen such as placing the tent down? If it is the tent maybe its when it gets deleted when placing a new spawn tent down as a Squad Leader, maybe the removal of the tent should be set dammge to 1 instead of a delete?
  15. tonys

    Ghost Missions

    @Holo89 were you using the USAF mod when you encountered the missing main weapon?