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  1. I haven't been here a while but never got word on what system you guys use for modeling and 3d animation. I got some 3dmax and maya, also got autodesk inventor pro and I can transfer files to one another. I love that feature. I like it to make some models like guns, some tools too and vehicles. Even houses rooms and patio decks. I'm not to savi not sure if that is even a word, with scripting I'm a noob among noobs and almost scared because it's something new to me but I can draft the crap out of some 3d models. I forgot where I posted a drawing here somewhere before. I need a good advice to use the same software. I can learn quick :) Thank you in advance.
  2. I'm a noob for sure here and on the game so if this was already talked about before just let me know but I think that a few new guns will be just really sweet to work with the excitement. First off: Pistols: FN 5.7 DE 50 Cal H&k USP's Browning m9 Walther PPK S&W M500's Beretta M93R Walther P99 Submachineguns: FN P90 Vector Kriss Super V H&k MP7 Mac 10 Mac 11 TMP9 Spectre HC M4 Falcon full size uzi 9mm Asault rifles: Steyr AUG A1 and variants"A2, A3". Would love to see the full lenght open bolt LMG version C: FAL variants like the RIS and folding stock versions camo maybe with a normal scope and a red dot scope as well. The NV scope is nice but you cant use it in daylight. Armalights like the IRA ones. Famas AN-94 Abakan with its low recoil Sniper rifles: Cheytac M200 H&k PSG1 20mm rifles Any kind would be nice to take down helicopters and light vehicles. Well this are just a few but will make it more interesting to have more diversity although I really enjoy and love this simulator and glad to have found this awesome game that totally changed my and my friends perspective on what a shooter should be. Feel free to add more guns to the mix, I know I must've missed some nice ones out there, but is all I could think off for now. I'm half a sleep lol Much respect from the noob madhellsing