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  1. everytime i come in for a fast landing the chopper doesn't slide it just slams and tilts up.
  2. Mabe

    Maximum Flight altitude

    are they going to make it where jets stall out?
  3. http://2ndinf.us What is the 2nd Infantry Division?: The 2nd Infantry Division is a Realism unit that strives to uphold the core values of the United States Army. Here, we run the unit just as the United States Army would with dedication and perseverance. We can provide everything you are looking for in a realism unit. We have active members and a committed command staff. With a large family of brothers. What you should expect as a 2nd Infantry Division Soldier: In the 2ndID we believe that developing a strong sense of community and brotherhood goes a long way in maintaining the longevity and success of a unit. For this reason, we focus a lot of attention of developing these connections between our members. Mutual respect and the ability to work well and productively with others is a requirement of the 2ndID. You will be surprised at how strong the bonds that you develop with your fellow Mountain Men become. The 2ndID utilizes a ranking structure similar to the US Army. Ranks and positions in the 2ndID are earned through hard work and dedication, not time and how many kills you get. Each rank in the 2ndID comes with expectations. Our Corporals are expected to be able to lead and be outstanding role models for the rest of our men. Our Sergeants work hard to maintain order while at the same time helping to lead our men to victory in game and out. Because we are selective (but fair) about promotions, each rank has an underlying respect bound to it. As such, our men understand the position of their superiors and subordinates, and grant them the respect of their rank. Officers are saluted and referred to as sir, and Sergeants and up are referred to by their rank, among many other things. First Step Into Becoming A Soldier In the 2nd Infantry Division: Enlistment is your first step toward becoming a soldier in the 2nd. One of the best parts about this unit is that we know real life comes first while still showing a commitment to the Unit. We require activity yes, but that activity can be shown in many ways, such as being active on our forums and training twice a week. Once you are a member in the 2nd, you'll be put though our Basic Training Course (BCT) which includes; Fire Team formations, range safety and weapons training, vehicle convoy, vehicle identification, dry runs and live fire exercises are just a part of BCT in the 2nd. These will be the building blocks of your skills as a soldier in our unit. Interested in Joining The 2nd Infantry Division?: So your interested in joining the 2ndID but would like to know how for sure. Well first step is to post your enlistment application on our website which is listed below. Second you will need to contact a recruiting officer on Steam or Xfire. When your application has been accepted you will be interviewed by one of our recruiting officers to see if your fit to be apart of the 2ndID. Requirements To Join 2ndID: Working Headset / Microphone Teamspeak 3 Installed Xfire Installed Age of 17 and above Respect / Mature Teamspeak 3 Information: I.P Address: Port: 9987 Recruiter Contact Information: Staff Sergeant H. May A / 1-3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team RRO Non-Comissioned Officer in Charge Steam: evevpower Email: May.H@2ndinf.us Private First Class R. Garris A / 1-3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team RRO Steam: PFC R.Garris[2ndID] Email: Garris.R@2ndinf.us Private Second Class J. Caleb A / 1-3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team RRO Steam: nitte_n_day Email: Caleb.J@2ndinf.us
  4. Mabe

    Military Gamers United

    Military Gamers United is 100% up and running and ready for anything. Feel free to join us on Teamspeak 3 listed above along with our public operation servers! all walks of life are welcome so come on by! Also check out our website for official public operations along with full realism days.
  5. such a great mod, would be awesome if you came out with a U.S one also.
  6. Mabe

    Full screen NV

    yesss thank you, looks so clear now
  7. Heres a few screenshots I took of the fields in ArmA 3, the trees and terrain look pretty good. Maybe little to orange..... I dunno, but then again this is from using all in arma http://i222.photobucket.com/albums/dd190/seanmabe/107410_screenshots_2013-04-14_00019.jpg (118 kB)
  8. Looking great but the barrel seems little to long, would be hard getting around corners with it for sure lol.
  9. Mabe

    silencers useless!

    AI will spot you no matter what, only time that they wont is at a certain time at night but then again they have night vision.
  10. Wow I thought I was the only one having this problem on their server, prtty annoyimg ive restarted etc and still when I load any mission random people join and you start free fallin and get that message
  11. That worked but its for everybody on my teamspeak 3 server. Everybody else that runs acre has the same problem. Seems like its automatically doing it.
  12. In Teamspeak 3 all the names of the users are doubled in brackets, this only started happening when I installed the acre plugin. Any ideas?
  13. But when I host it myself it loads and plays?
  14. Got it to run on my server but when i load a mission i get this error "Script missionTask.fsm not found" this happens on all missions.
  15. Could somebody do a step by step on how to run this on a server? Im currently running a regular ArmA 3 server now but I would like to run another server at the sametime with this mod. It would be very helpful for me thanks.