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    Loading issues

    when I hit escape I went to the Heliport options and found what you are talking about. Some how it must have over written my save because it is starting me back at the beginning. lame... Thanks for the help
  2. Hey all. I have finally got around to playing the career mode and I took a break for the past two weeks. Im now trying to continue where I left off but the only place I can continue is at the heliport... I clearly remember completing "A government situation" and after that my only option is "Heliport". When I continue it brings me back to the first contract. I can replay the missions I have completed but I cannot revert. Any suggestions?
  3. So when I start the mission in the editor "preview", the "New Task Assigned", just starts popping up without physically entering the triggers. Its not every single task that pops, only about 5 of the 13 do it. I have the "set destination" module in there to allow the next task to pop up once I complete one but it seems to not be working Any Ideas?
  4. Thanks the both of you soooo much. I can now fly like I was meant to~~~
  5. skidkid6

    TM Warthog Throttle Question

    I too made the same suggestion in the suggestion portion of the forums... Drives me nuts that my collective is either all or nothing... If I move a throttle to +10% then the collective should stay at +10%...
  6. Hello, I would simply like to make a suggestion. I fly with a Saitek AV8R-02 which has a throttle mounted at the base of the joystick. Sadly enough, giving just a little bit of throttle is either all or nothing meaning, if I move the throttle slider from 0% up to about 10% it automatically throttles up to 100%. If I move the throttle slider from 0% down to -10% it throttles down to -100%. I cant imaging it being any different with any other flight controllers and I truly love this game but this is literally my only gripe... Am I the only one hoping to have this inequity rectified?! Can we have a proper throttle made? :confused:
  7. This may be due to the fact that TOH is a game that tries to emphasize on realism. I took a lesson in a R-22 a few years back and the delay was quite significant. If I remember correctly, it took about 1 full second if not more for cyclic movement to actually move the chopper.