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  1. Hello, I have finished the main story, and all of Joeseph's flashbacks, but when I try to load up the south asia heliport, just below operation bullseye on the list, the game simply returns me to the select mission screen. Is this supposed to happen, and if not, how can I fix it? Don't know if it's relevant, but I have 2 steam product keys, one for the game and one for the DLC, and the game hasnt asked for either of them.
  2. Spinecone

    Operation Bullseye

    Thanks Mattressi, that really helped, made it down safe and sound :P
  3. Again, thanks for bothering to reply to little old me, I being to see why Bohemia has such goodwill from it's consumers! Also, thank's for the tip about the installer, I'll give it a try.
  4. Hello, at the point in Bullseye where you are shot down, I cannot seem to land safely, I am roughly familiar with how to autorotate, but I don't even get the chance, no matter what airspeed/altitude combo I try, The copter just plummets, usually banking heavily to the right, before I get a chance to get the chopper into autorotation. The cyclic barely responds, and what little control I do have is no use becuse I'm achieving a rate of descent of 44 feet per second. If it helps, The blades become visible while im on the way down. What am I doing wrong? Flying around the ambush site doesnt seem to work, as the copter will take the hit anyway. Could I land in the water and then swim to the shore?
  5. Very well, thanks for taking the time to come back to me on that, not many would. Slightly off topic, but thinking about patches and stuff, when will take on noisecontrollers be on steam?
  6. What's the ETA on an official release date for all of this, and when will it auto-update through steam?
  7. Aaaaaaaaah, that explains it. One more question, the torque warning light can be eitther off, red or yellow, from what I've seen. Red is clearly danger, and keeping it there will damage the helicopter, but will the rotors take damage if it momentarily flickers to yellow while I'm manuevering, or when I push the nose down, see yellow, and then pull the nose up to something more sensible? Thanks for informing me on that, I suspected it was overspeed/too much torque when I managed to finish Joseph Larkin's first flashback without causing rotor damage, and was able to fly it properly without getting a torque warning, but it's nice to have confirmation from someone who knows what they are doing :P As for the boss not stuntman, BAH! Being a"Warrior of the Boardroom" is supposed to be a stressful job, right? Let's see him show some of those guts he supposedly has to earn his position, he should be able to handle at LEAST a wingover!
  8. I'm just trying to play through the story, and I'm trying to fly the mediums buyer back to his compound, and as I fly along at fairly high speed, the medium starts to vibrate more and more, indicating rotor damage of some description, before the blades suddenly become visible due to them turning slowly, and then, after about 4/5 seconds, it just drops like a rock. Additionally, my torque warning light is almost constantly red, I suspect this is what's damaging the rotors, what am I doing to cause the torque warning to go off, is it just my habit of flying nose down collective at full? Finally, I read in the thread n1ghtstalker started about flight dynamics that there was a glitch, causing the medium to take damage when flown at high speed, but I am fairly certain that has since been fixed, hasn't it? EDIT: The torque light only seems to come on when I apply a lot of collective fairly quicky, or when I get near full collective. I'm assuming that that is supposed to be the case, and i simply have to be more gentle with it?
  9. Thank you Hon0 for the screenshots, I didn't realise it was possible to customise the joysticks sensitivity, that did the trick. The control lag is also etiehr gone or unnoticeable, somehow, and the rest of the issues are not really hardware related, in hindsight. Thanks for the help, and see you in the other sections for the rest of it :P
  10. Sorry for being negative on my second ever post, but that really wasn't very helpful skidkid6. I've seen threads where others, including nightstalker and other real life helicopter pilots have complained about the lag, but even then, how realistic it isnt reaaaaaaaaaaally the point, It's still making it almost impossible for me to play, and I'd rather be able to play it unrealistically than be unable to play it at all. Also, you haven't given me any ideas as to how to fix the sensitivity issues, do you have any tips, or are you not sure? Can the joystick sensitivity be affected without affecting the mouse, and how do you bring up the menu when your character has a weapon?
  11. Hello there! I've only just gotten the full version of this game, and my joystick is way, WAY too sensitive, including the collective slider, and when I touch the controls, there is a good half second until the chopper actually reacts. I've heard that the delay can be reduced by turning render ahead from 3 to 0 in the profile, but the closest I could find was the render ahead slider in video options, which started at over 3000, and I'm concerned that dropping it too far will result in me being unable to see anything. I've already turned the sensitivity down to minimum, which helped, but I still cant make it more than maybe 100 metres at most. I managed to (crash)land the Heavy on a free flight, but then discovered that because it was the armed one and Mr.Larkin was packing an m16, I couldnt bring up the menu to get back in. Also, is there a way to make the joystick less sensitive without affecting the mouse? Sorry if this is all blindingly obvious. Spinecone. EDIT: Just tried the Hind, and can't stay up long as it currently stands. I swear I was upside down at one point.... I've noticed that the chopper always seems to spin wildly, in whatever direction it feels like, whenever I dare to try and actually pilot the thing, is that something that belongs in this subsection, or am I just awful?