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  1. Tom Rattler, you are my saviour. My clan and I had those issues with Zeus for several months now, and every attempt at fixing the problem was unsuccessful. We could use Zeus only as long the Zeus-player was logged into the GameMaster-Slot upon starting the map. If he had to rejoin (because of disconnect or other reasons), he couldn't enter the Zeus-interface anymore. Once I created the initPlayerServer.sqf and entered the following code, everything worked as intended. { if (!isnull (getassignedcuratorunit _x)) then { _unit = getassignedcuratorunit _x; if (isnull (getassignedcuratorlogic _unit)) then { unassignCurator _x; sleep 1; _unit assignCurator _x; }; }; } foreach allcurators; You saved us a lot of trouble and time, and now we can finally enjoy the fun of Zeus-Missions again. Take our deepest thanks from my clan and me. Edit: We found, that sometimes after a reconnect the Zeus interface won't work at all. In this case, you should wait up to a minute (maybe longer, depending on the amount of map data that has to be loaded once you are in the mission) before attempting to enter Zeus-mode again. If this still doesn't work, then reconnect again. Please note that you need to disconnect from the server entirely. It doesn't suffice to just enter the lobby and rejoin again.