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  1. didn't work I've deleted the DayZ folder and used Six Launcher to reinstall it again. DayZ works over Six Launcher so does the content of OA, PMC and BAF but Arma 2 doesn't work
  2. I had Arma 2 and OA for a while and enjoyed the games. I've been playing Dayz now but was anoyed by the low res of the charactermodels and decided to download two DLC's Private Military Company and British Armed Forces. Now when i start the game and check in the expansion menu dayz is gone. Every mission i want to start is closed with the note "you cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependant on downloadable content that has been deleted.dayz_code, dayz, dayz_equip, dayz_weapons" The @dayz folder is still in the directory of Arma 2 What can i do to play Arma 2 again?