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  1. Okay, I am super tired of every single Google link leading to some nonsense about files that I don't have and I really want this module to work. So, could anyone explain to a COMPLETE 100% noob at modules/scripting etc? (the closest I've ever come to hacking is making custom ammo boxes and loadouts) I don't know what init.sqf is and I don't have it. Basically what I want to do is an open world kind of mission where you can go to military bases on the map and build them up however you want to. I know I have to synch it to the guys I want to be able to build but that's pretty much all I know. And if you're wondering what I'm still doing in ArmA 2, I hate ArmA 3. Operation Flashpoint has more content than ArmA 3, and I hate the FPS in it and how buggy and laggy it is. If you help me then you're my hero, this mission would be epic with the module. And believe me, I've searched Google for hours now, and every thread I check is full of total veterans at this who are like "but dude, did you compress d dos and then reboot windows?" and I have litteraly no experience with this. I always give up whenever I try to make tasks or modules cause it's so goddamned hard. Thank you in advance.
  2. Alptraum

    The Undead Mod

    When I run the installer for the first part, all I get is "Failed to retrieve download information. Please review your proxy or firewall settings.". I turned off my firewall, didn't help, and I have no idea what proxy is.
  3. http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=7119 ---------- Post added at 07:46 ---------- Previous post was at 07:45 ---------- How/where do I install this?
  4. Alptraum

    Open/close bar gate

    This is a REALLY late reply, but there's something wrong with either the page, the browser, or my computer. Whenever you guys type a ' it says ! for me, which makes the stuff I'm supossed to copy into the init-field really hard to understand since it says ! instead of ' and like " instead of ! for me, etc. Anyone who could send me an email or something like that with the actual text that you're supossed to copy into the init field of the gate? Would be extremely appriciated.