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    EB_Air mod

    Just trying out the new v8 version and trying to get the PRACS working with it but I can't seem to. I got it working by editing the ini.sqf for v7 and the planes/helis spawn in the hangars, but I tried the same thing on v8 and I always get stock planes spawning never the PRACS ones. Is there any difference in how to enable the optional mods?
  2. evilnine9

    Project RACS

    I've been a huge fan of this mod ever since it was brought to Arma 2 and it has remained easily the most enjoyable and expansive (in terms of a single faction) I've ever played. Even though things haven't always run that smoothly you've managed to continue expanding and improving this mod for several years and I just have to say thanks for all the time and effort you've put into it, making it into masterpiece, and I cant wait for the next update (or final if it comes to it) when i saw the P3 and BMRs :don3: they just look so beautiful
  3. evilnine9

    FIREFOX 1 - Coastline Coop 16 Player

    So has the server stopped running now then? Please no :pray:
  4. evilnine9

    COWarModACE Release thread

    I get the same error message when I tried to play, I checked the folder and the file is there, and both keys and userconfig folder are present. Does it make a difference if its in the operation arrowhead directory as that is where all my other mods are installed?