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    Steam discussion

    What planet are you from? ---------- Post added at 07:49 ---------- Previous post was at 07:47 ---------- No the difference between me and you is principal. You are stuck on the issue of reselling games.. I can care less about reselling games, but when a company can change its EULA and wipe you off the planet of everything you own, thats the issue at hand... And this kind of control can NOT and WILL NOT be supported by me and HOPEFULLY you. ---------- Post added at 07:51 ---------- Previous post was at 07:49 ---------- You're calling me out? lol, now I just know your not even worth debating with anymore... Ignored.
  2. Nothing wrong in setup that I can assure you, i toyed with it for hours on end on launch. The 3 minutes and giving up was in regards to the Hind DLC which I tried again.. Anyhow, I don't agree with setup issue but does not mean that there is not a culprit bug somewhere. What operating system do you use? What bit? What peripherals are you using (mouse, flight stick, rudder pedals etc) What antivirus are you using? (never know right?) How much System Ram? Also, I was reading there was some 1.5 version or something, was this patched on Steam? Maybe I have old bugged version on Steam? ---------- Post added at 21:55 ---------- Previous post was at 21:51 ---------- Why do you have 2 expert modes in your drop down and how do we know you are using a stick and not a mouse? :D ---------- Post added at 22:08 ---------- Previous post was at 21:55 ---------- Also you see that spin with your auto hover off, that would be AWESOME, unfortunately, my spin is in a W fashion (not circular) and increase your auto hover off spin, times about 200 rotations per second :D ---------- Post added at 22:11 ---------- Previous post was at 22:08 ---------- I think I have agreed to not buy any more Steam games but go back and agree to terms and play what i have on Steam. So tomorrow I will make Fraps Video of the spin, the settings and the lost cause. Maybe I can get some DEV love when seen with real eyes what players are really experiencing with this problem.
  3. bloodtank

    Steam discussion

    See the problem goes beyond the "nature" of the license. This is where principal steps in and we must make a stand. It's no longer renting the license.. This 3rd party service, things it can DICTATE your license and CONTROL your license, when in fact they did not WRITE or OWN the license. So basically you are buying a license, but you are not, you are renting the license BOUGHT by Steam. Who not only can terminate that license, they use it as leverage against your entire library when needed. Steam owns your bookshelf... Simple as that.... And the more you own, the stronger they get when problems arise... Which is why its time to part ways. it's no longer a worthwhile trade off for convenience. A lot of you EU guys don't really see the picture yet... See Steam is afraid of something here... You think you are unaffected, because you have the right to resell your license... That's where you are fooled. See, Steam don't care about that... You are still a Steam Subscriber, with a license with them... If they decide they don't like you selling the licenses.. Bloop you are banned... So what you say? just sue them. Well guess what, you already agreed to not be able to sue them via class action lawsuit... This means, you have to sue them yourself for access back to your library.. How much time and money are you personally going to spend to do this? See, IMO they are protecting themselves from a group of you ganging up on them, and forcing you into your own pockets, for when things change down the road and they get cocky. You already agreed to sue them on their home court. In their land. Are you going to fly there, pay a team a lawyers to fight why the suspended your account in small claims court? And fly back every time they delay... They will take gamble that all day long. Because the answer is you are not going to do anything except hate them. I just feel we need open license system now with anything digital... Shouldnt matter if you buy your content license on itunes, amazon, Steam or GameFly, you should be able to use that license as fit... Steam wants to deny you the download later on, fine, if its a steam game, fine, but any license other than that.. should not be in control of a 3rd party... Its time for a change. Im kind of glad I wrote this.. I think I am stupid for not agreeing to the license. I think I will now log in and play game games, but I am 100% sure I am never buying another Steam game or any digital game again, that is not some sort of OPEN LICENSE system where I can use my software without the need of a 3rd party service.
  4. bloodtank

    Steam discussion

    See, I don't understand people like you at all... You sit here and try to give away YOUR CONSUMER RIGHTS on some sort of merit based issue that you don't even debate well? First of all, I could open a box of corn flakes, and take it back to the store without even a whimper from the clerk. 2ndly that box of corn flakes has a guarantee from the MFR, they will take it back as well. 3rdly, it does not matter. You have consumer laws from your state or domain, and you have consumer laws via your banking system, yes you have protection from using your credit card, against any purchase, read the pamphlet they give you.. If you pay for something and it does not work, or if you just don't want it.. sadly to say, here in my State, i have 30 days protection via my credit card policy. This trumps all policies, stated by the store. They accepted the credit card, they accepted the credit card terms from that system..... So, either way you want to debate it, Its not on me, its on the store :D See how it works now... Why would you want to give up your rights over something like this kinda irks me, I just don't understand why? Because of some reason you think I am cheating the system? I didn't end up with a 5000 reply posted thread because I was a gamer who wanted a refund 29 days after playing it... But you know what, I have the same rights and could have gotten it :D Why do I not blame UBI? Because UBI did not handle the transaction. Steam does, thats where you get refunds when things don't work. I do blame UBI and I have banned UBI in my household and never looked back since... Hows that for bitterness? I never charged anything back, I asked for a refund and got Steam Abuse Net.... With a bunch of messages on threats and action of them closing my account. So I went to the forums and kicked the shit out of Steams threats... :D This is nonsense, if you want a refund for something, you use your consumer rights.. End of story, there's nothing morally conscious about it... If policies were 100% legal, there'd be no lawyers. ---------- Post added at 20:25 ---------- Previous post was at 18:44 ---------- Here's something more interesting... Since I quit Steam, I have about, oh 90 games installed on my drive from Steam.... I want to remove this stuff from my computer.. I go to UNINSTALL, and the UNINSTALL process launches Steam and asks me to login, but I can't login, because I disagree to the terms... This is an interesting issue... The software can refuse to not deinstall because of agreement policy? Yes, I can somewhat trash the files, but what about my registry? I have to hand edit it and know what I'm looking for? Is this good idea for consumers? Please comment... :d
  5. I played the Take on Helicopters Community Release and it was working okay with that, I knew how to setup everything, later versions made it worse and retail was worse. First of all, you say it works and you have time playing.. Specify what difficulty level and options you may have turned off? I am talking 100% expert mode, with no auto anything. I wont be able to test anymore.. My copies were on Steam and I quit using Steam, I can't afford to buy the game again, too expensive for what it is, and a game that I'll never boot it up ever with expert mode unplayable. I have zero problems booting up DCS, A10, P51, Blackshark in expert type modes, and no problems in RoF, WoP, or any other game... I have no mouse setup, its not a confliction.... something is seriously wrong, I am not kidding about the flipping of the chopper.. think of a top spinning at its fastest speed, i launch game barely touch stick and im a spinning top for 2 seconds before exploding into the ground.. seriously spinning so fast the game engine can't keep up with the rendering. Sorry, Nothing realistic about that :D
  6. Unfortunately not much love has been given to flight sticks with Take On Helicopters. Was very frustrating to find this out after purchasing the game and dlc hinds.. I would be spending 5 hours a night playing it.. Unfortunately, 3 minutes is all I gave it before I gave up... People keep counter trolling the problem saying this real flight bs in every thread I have researched to find help.. I'm sadly convinced its unplayable with stick, and only playable with mouse/keyboard.. Which is pointless to me... I can show you a frapsed video, of me putting my X65f sensitivity on the 4th, which is 2times less sensative than the default 4th setting.. Which is default set for landing aircraft. A simple action of putting my hand on the stick will send the chopper into a 360 frenzy so fast that it makes a dual 670 gpu system with a i7 990x stutter and halt, because its just cant comprehend the frantic spinning... Even when pumping my foot pedals.. And this is starting with the chopper in the air :/ Kinda want my money back as I feel taken, but I like the Arma series, so whatevs.. better be fixed in Arma 3
  7. bloodtank

    Steam discussion

    Not banned, I refuse to agree to the new Steam Policy. If you don't agree to it. You cant use it, therefore you lose access to all your game library that is on or uses Steam.
  8. I look at it a different way. I think this DayZ game has opened up the eyes of the team, who may have thought there was no interest in the online play, when in fact is has just been their game design implementation that has been LACKLUSTER, and quite boring, or even very undocumentated and supported.. The attempts at campaigns shown a bit of new customers, but not given enough attention, too small of a team etc... The game can be amazing, just missing that touch of success that is needed, simplfying the interface, remove that bit of clunkiness and well I have been seeing the changes in the editor for VBS2 2.0, if that comes to Arma 3, should be in good shape for lots of built missions and combat scenes... Sometimes I think as a dev team needs to step back away from the focus on the REALISM. They have to say to themselves, "ya know this needs a tweak otherwise there's no point, as its just not FUN". CUz standing around having your gun go from your should to your pistol and back and forth, ain't very realistic... animations need to break.. and the interface needs some love ;D
  9. bloodtank

    Steam discussion

    I just lost all ARMA and software as I will not agree to Steams new agreement. I will stand here and say goodbye to Steam forever. No company will tell me what I can do based on force. I seen Steams coming problems some time ago, when they threatened to close my account of 300 games for attempting to charge back a game that DID NOT and WOULD NOT work on my computer, for the mere reason the game timer said I played for 9 hours...(in short, i left the error window up and went to sleep, did not realize I was being spied on by a pathetic clock that is obviously only used to deny refunds) Even though it could be proven I never played, as it was UBISOFTS Silent Hunter 5, which was online always only allowed and games saved on their end.. Obviously they could see I had ZERO saved games and NO ACCESS... It was only a 5000 post forum thread that made Steam cave in and refund me and move forward, as I warned others how easy it is to lose your entire LIBRARY of games and how Steam uses your library as a threat and leverage against you. Today, I lose access to 500 games.. (no worry those 200 games, were bought on XMAS sales or gifts or f2p) and no more than $5 each :D But I lost all games including Arma Cold War, Arma Gold, Arma 2, Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead, Private Military Corps, Arma British Forces, Take on Helicopters, TOH: Hind DLC and more... I'm a bit upset but I am comfortable in my position to move forward away from supporting a licensing system that needs freedom, and I do stand up and applaud the court that awarded the EU people to sell their games, digitally downloaded or not... Moving forward this will be a great success and end to the publishers that are just out there to steal steal and steal. Its been a long time, I have noticed the exploiting of non tangible goods and its time to realize some of them need to be considered tangible. Anyhow I'll stop rambling. Just want to say, I will be gone until Arma 3 comes out, BI better have copies on store shelves in the USA on day 1 ;) I will be unplugging my Arma 2 OA server as no sense paying the bandwidth bill if I can't play..... Sorry, im not rich... See ya in Arma 3, unhandcuffed!