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  1. Urban Patrol Script

    I just started messing around with the ARMA editor on the Alpha so I might be doing something stupid. So I downloaded the script and made it work beautifully with footman patrols, my problem now is that I want to do the same with a vehicle. So I searched a bit and I used a built in function to spawn a vehicle with a crew: veh = [getMarkerPos "patrol1", 180, "O_Galkin_MG_F", patrol_squad] call bis_fnc_spawnvehicle; And the vehicle spawns no problem, then I call: nul = [units (veh select 0), "patrol1", "random"] execVM "ups.sqf"; And the vehicle respawns as expected on a random place in the marker, but the crewman spawns outside and only one of them enters it (the gunman) and the suposed driver stays still where he respawned. After this I tried to provide the script with the leader of the squad object and after that an array with the crewmen, both approaches giving the same problem. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks for your time and thank you Kronzky for this great script :)
  2. I've checked Flashpoint SP for the first time yesterday and it was really interesting, how surprised was I today with this first MP release. First of all I want to thank the developer for all his hardwork, this is really something, I can only imagine as a developer myself the amount of work it took to get right. Now to the questions, since the MP release works a bit differently (or it looks like it does, in terms of deciding the setup parameters), will this be a "better" version of the old SP? Or is it just a remake to work with coop? What I'm asking is if I want to play mostly alone (and with friends from time to time) should I download/play the old version or the new MP one? Again thanks and keep up the good work :)
  3. Alias: skkeeper Age: 22 Country: Portugal Timezone: GMT I've been playing A.R.M.A. 2 for a couple of months now and I played mostly Warfare, Domination and some random coop mission with my buddies. I also played a bit with ACE and ACRE and loved the experience. I'm looking for a squad\clan that plays consistently (don't really mind playing serious milsim, as long as it's enjoyable and not just training, training and training). Most of my free time would be at night, especially on weekends. Feel free to contact me on steam (I'm also skkeeper there) or by email (skkeeper at gmail dot com).