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  1. Hello everyone, pretty new to these forums but I figured this would be the best place to ask some questions. I'm hosting a server for me and my 2 friends so we could play co-op missions together but I have some questions regarding certain missions and VAS. 1. I've noticed a lack of vehicles getting to objectives in a lot of missions, for example, we spawn in the mission and they give us a spawn point with 1 maybe 2 vehicles to get to our destination. Upon setting out and completing them we die and respawn at the spawn point which now has no vehicles since we already used them, is there a solution I'm just not getting or do the map creators expect us to walk 10-30 minutes back to our objectives? I've seen this on more than 1 map and it's frustrating for me and my friends. 2. I would like to get this addon http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21912 to work with Virtual Ammo System, is that possible? The guns are really neat and I'd love to use them with my friends. Bonus - 3. Any co-op maps/addons you guys would recommend for 3 people? Thanks for the help guys, appreciate anyone who takes the time to answer my questions!
  2. No offense but you didn't quite answer my question and I'm still awaiting a response. Do 7.1 headsets have troubles with Acre? and do you know what may be causing the problem where Acre kinda messes up when someone re spawns? Any possible solutions?
  3. I know for sure 1 of them are, the other does not he's currently using speakers in his computer cause his headset broke. Are 7.1 headsets causing problems with it? Edit - I should add that my second friend who has his volume lowered after respawning is random, some play sessions it's fine, others not.
  4. I have a few problems if someone could help me it would be greatly appreciated. There not really my problems but 2 of my friends. My first friend whenever he dies in Arma 2 with Acre he can no longer hear over the Radio and is forced to disconnect and reconnect in teamspeak to fix it. My second friend whenever he dies in Arma 2 it lowers his radio volume to so he can barely anything. Reconnect to teamspeak does no help. I have no problems, nor does my other friend (there are 4 of us). Does anyone know any solutions to those 2 problems above?
  5. xSeQueL

    ASR AI Skills

    Thanks for the response, I ended up downloading all of the stuff off six updater that had ASR in it and it downloaded a pretty cool weapon mod pack aswell called RH. I started getting errors though from UKF but I just deleted them and now it works fine.
  6. xSeQueL

    ASR AI Skills

    Hello, I've mostly been a lurker of these forums for the last 2 weeks and noticed this thread and was quite impressed and intrigued so I decided to register to ask a few questions. I usually use Six Updater for installing my mods but I read your read me and it's pretty straight forward, however I would like to install it on Six Updater but when I went to the info it said version 1.1 and in the manual download there was 1.9 is it not fully updated on Six Updater? I also saw that there were a bunch of @ASR files would I need them all? I just generally want the A.I to be smarter in most situations which is what sounds like this mod does exactly, if I leave all of the settings default will it be fine how it is? For example I like these features are these automatically enabled or will I have to edit the file? Thanks for making an awesome mod, I've been enjoying playing with my 3 friends on insurgency with Ace/Acre! Much appreciate your hard work.