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  1. Hey all - looking for some answers and hoping someone can help. Ever since I installed the steam version of Arma2/OA I have been getting this annoying crash (never got it with boxed verison) - usually happening when I go into the scoped view - the game hangs for a second then the screen goes black, with the game running in the background. I can still hear the game and control the avatar - just cant see anything. In some cases I can screen flush to get it back (reduced performance) in other cases it causes a hard lock and I either have to crtl-alt-del end process or sometimes even reset. I suspect this is a driver stopped responding issue, however I am not currently experiencing this in other games. I have seen older threads describing this problem and am wondering: was a fix ever discovered? are people still dealing with this? PS - if there is anything required to help let me know! (I figure this may be an old problem with some known fixes - couldn't immediately find them in search so posted this thread) Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. Jimieus

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    So has anyone seen a tangible improvement from the patch? worth downloading? I'm not seeing the reaction to the patch I was hoping for...
  3. Jimieus

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Remembers ARMA 3 > Checks forums to see if FPS issue resolved > Forgets about ARMA 3 again. :bye:
  4. Not sure why the other thread got closed. This is a topic of some interest to me and seeing as a rather large new patch has dropped, I am wondering if there has been any progress on this issue? Has anyone noticed any improvement? Cheers [disclaimer - I haven't updated yet and wont be able to for awhile. Curious to hear others experiences]
  5. Jimieus

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    I'm sorry, but how on earth did you arrive at that conclusion? Poor fps has NOTHING to do with art direction or "design choice" as you put it. That's just a silly, uninformed statement to make. A better statement would be that this is a technical issue, exacerbated by accepted standards in multiplayer performance, that hinders greatly the user experience of the game. Nuff said ;)
  6. Jimieus

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Placebo effect at best. I hope you enjoyed your sugar pill :p
  7. Jimieus

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Jumped on yesterday hoping this problem would be fixed. But alas, it has not. This is the one thing stopping me, and everyone else I know who bought the game, from playing. It is such a joykill. Fix it-Fix it-Fix it-Fix it.
  8. Jimieus

    Please Give Arma Lite Passes Multiplayer

    No. Dumb idea. If you want to play multiplayer now in the alpha you simply fork over the money (like EVERYONE else did) and then you get it. That has been the deal FROM DAY ONE. Get used to it. ARMA 3 isn't f2p. If people don't think it is "worth" the money yet, they can wait, and pay more when it comes to beta/release. The fact that people can play a facet of the game for free is generous enough. No disservice there at all. Just people wanting something for nothing, as usual.
  9. Jimieus

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    So... any progress on this situation oh masterful employees of Bohemia Interactive Corporation. :pray:
  10. Jimieus

    Arma 3 Lag Fix (Maybe?)

    Holy crap you got a full on warning for that!!!! What the heck is wrong with the world these days. The joke was not lost on me. People just need to relax a little and have a good laugh from time to time :)
  11. Jimieus

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    It sucks, but this issue took a lot of the enthusiasm out of testing the multiplayer. I dare say most I know have put ARMA 3 on the back burner until this issue is resolved. "let's not play a game of slideshow simulator" seems to be the running joke. All we can really do is poke around the edges of this problem on our end, BI are the ones who can rectify it. And in that endeavour, I truly wish them luck and god's speed! (emphasis on the god's speed! :p )
  12. I expected a bit of impartiality. But then again, that would have taken a little maturity...
  13. Your not trying to put your opinion into those poll options. Noooooo surely not...