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  1. Ahh, I didn't think of that, I figured there would be a reason you weren't already using it.
  2. This may have been suggested before, or you may have thought of it and have a reason not to do it. But if you add player [url="http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addRating"]addRating[/url] -9999; for Independents when they spawn. It will not count as a team kill when they kill each other. It wont display (team kill) after the kill message, and will count as a valid kill on their score counter.
  3. It is doing that because the new version of DayZ has //change "HitPart" to " - Part" rather than complicated string replace _cmpt = toArray (_x); _cmpt set [0,20]; _cmpt set [1,toArray ("-") select 0]; _cmpt set [2,20]; _cmpt = toString _cmpt; in dayz_code.pbo\compile\fn_selfActions.sqf as part of the new vehicle fixing code and the scripts.txt you are using was obviously made for a previous version of DayZ.
  4. The setpos command is used 25 times in dayz_code. It will be showing up in the logs for perfectly legitimate reasons.
  5. Any chance we could get some explanation of the new log types? I'm seeing entries in setpos.log for people who I am certain are not scripting so I don't know what I should be looking out for in there, and no idea what should and shouldn't be showing up in any of the others. Also, explaining to server admins who are submitting bans to the CBL that "seagull" showing up in createVehicle does not instantly mean someone is hacking would be good. That said, your continued work on securing servers both directly through the script detecting system and through the CBL is very much appreciated, scripters keep getting caught and banned and that makes me very happy.
  6. Line 153 of that file is going to cause problems. 5 "_v addweapon \"A"+\"A1"+\"2_PM\"+\"C\"; _v addmagazine \"20R\"+\"nd" Should surely be: 5 "_v addweapon \"A\"+\"A1\"+\"2_PM\"+\"C\"; _v addmagazine \"20R\"+\"nd"
  7. Since the latest update you now need to escape any " in your script file. So it should be: 5 private [\"_dummy\"]; _dummy = [_this,\"players\"] execVM \"\ca\ui\scripts\dedicatedServerInterface.sqf\";