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    Addon doesn't load

    Thanks Dale!, i know how to configure the startup of the mod, my problem is more related with scripting and the process of making a mod from scratch. I found an answer for one of my questions, in server.cfg the event OnUserConnected only can be assigned this one of the command listed here: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.cfg When i started i thinked that loading a sqf file from that event is posible, but isn't. Now, im reading and tring to understand the CBA helper mod and the sintaxis around, but, im don't have so cleary how the whole engine works.
  2. zombiearg

    Addon doesn't load

    Hi! Im new with arma2, after playing DayZ i want to make a mod to change some things i want. During my self trainning on the arma engine i stopped in two questions/problems/doubts DOUBT #1 After doing a litle test i can't figure out why my test mod is not loading, i do this: 1. in root game folder create a folder called MyMod 2. in my desktop created a folder called MyMod, inside i create a file called MyMod.sqf with this content: diag_log ("This must be showed in the log"); and create another file called config.cpp with this content: class CfgPatches { class MyMod{ units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {}; }; }; 3. I use BinBPO to generate the .pbo using as source the desktop folder and destination <ROOT_GAME>\MyMod\Addons 4. after generate the pbo i check the log and there isn't no errors at all 5. i include -mod=@Dayz;MyMod in the dedicated server startup 6. start the server 7. i check the RPT file related with the server but i don't see the "This must be showed in the log" string. So i suppose that the mod isn't loading. I use this guide to guide me in the process: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Mondkalb%27s_Addon_Tutorial What can be the reason to not working/load the mod? DOUBT #2 One of my goals is to make a live stats for my players, so i need to catch the event of onuserconnect, i tried to execute a sqf file from server.cfg but i have not success, i tried this combinations: //onUserConnected = "[this] execVM MyModsqf\MyMod.sqf"; // //onUserConnected = "[this] execVM ""MyModsqf\MyMod.sqf"";"; // //onUserConnected = "[this] execVM ""MyModsqf\MyMod.sqf"""; // //onUserConnected = "0 = [this] execVM ""MyModsqf\MyMod.sqf"""; // //onUserConnected = "0 = [this] execVM ""MyModsqf\MyMod.sqf"""; // //onUserConnected = "0 = [this] execVM ""MyModsqf\MyMod.sqf"";"; // //onUserConnected = "diag_log(""******KK KILLINGFLOOR******"");"; // //onUserConnected = "MyModPlayerID = _this select 0; diag_log(""******KK KILLINGFLOOR******"");"; // //onUserConnected = "_MyModPlayerID = _this select 0; diag_log text ""******KK KILLINGFLOOR******"";"; // //onUserConnected = "_MyModPlayerID = _this select 0; diag_log (""KK: "" + str(_MyModPlayerID));"; // //onUserConnected = "_MyModPlayerID = _this select 0; _MyModPlayerID globalChat _MyModPlayerID"; // //onUserConnected = "server globalChat _this select 0"; // //onUserConnected = "[_this select 0] exec 'MyModsqf\MyMod.sqf'"; // //onUserConnected = ""; // So my question in the Second doubt is: It`s posible to execute a sqf from server.cfg for the event "onuserconnect"? After tring a lot of combinations and failed too i start reading about event handlers here: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA_2:_Event_Handlers But there isnt onuserconnect, so, How can i catch that event from a Mod? Thanks a lot in advance for your help!
  3. zombiearg

    DSutils v2 release (signatures)

    If i don't sign a mod, it won't load in a dedicated server?