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  1. Yeah guys, it's back.. Nothing changed since it worked fine at all, i just started playing again a few days ago and boom 30% GPU usage 15fps everywhere.
  2. From the sarcastic face in my defence, obviously, but on the actual topic, If you have low FPS i sugguest a reformat and maybe it will work
  3. Hey guys im back watercooling installed 60 degress idle down to 20.. not bad. ---------- Post added at 23:09 ---------- Previous post was at 22:33 ---------- Just did benchmark 2 and got an average of 44 FPS, thank you everybody for there help. For anyone else with the problem: I'm not too sure what actually fixed it.. i just reformatted a hard drive(which the game wasnt even on) and apart from that instaleld watercooling to my CPU and it just works better ^^
  4. It's from steam. I removed one, im pretty sure it was power for my MOBO. Didn't touch the card, no.
  5. Now i have 99% gpu usage and 4 fps.. edit: I changed NOTHING since last time
  6. Back after some PC problems.. tried installing water cooling, didnt fit as the bracket to mount it to CPU isnt there had no thermal paste had to get some and yeah.
  7. Ill try setting it to very high. I have it here "C:\Steam\arma 2 operation arrowhead" as thats on my SSD.
  8. I still have yet to install the watercooling, ill check the power cable when i do so.
  9. I've added nofilepatching and world=empty we'll see what it does ---------- Post added at 16:23 ---------- Previous post was at 15:50 ---------- I've added nofilepatching and world=empty we'll see what it does Again fps seems higher but around 10 people on the server
  10. In a way it does make me feel better but then again how can i when a friend with a lower pc have better frames>.<
  11. Already tried ---------- Post added at 21:47 ---------- Previous post was at 20:36 ---------- heres a video clip of me recording ingame, THIS IS HIGHER FPS THAN I USUALLY GET for a strange reason
  12. Would a heatsink affect my performance though? Only my C: (SSD) has the page-filing on.
  13. I blame the temperature of my CPU on thermal paste most likely, too. I am isntalling watercooling soon, i have it ready to put on but not too sure how to do it right now. ---------- Post added at 14:09 ---------- Previous post was at 12:33 ---------- Im getting annoyed that my GPU usage is good on the player list menu but as soon as i press OK to load in boom 3%-10% usage from a good 40+
  14. It will be 1680 1050. All lowest on E08 i got 17fps On all lwoest with texture and terrain on normal i got 18