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    Secure ID progress

    Can you please post an actual example with the exact wording and formatting so we can set up filters on our log server for that?
  2. leepfrog

    Secure ID progress

    This sounds like either Port 443 outgoing is blocked at your end, or you have some kind of SSL man-in-the middle appliance/attack in your network which presents invalid certificats.
  3. leepfrog

    Secure ID progress

    Suma thanks for the update. I have enabled Mode 1 yesterday on 9 of our servers. Could you please share information where messages of failed verifications would be logged? The Server console output? The RPT file? I'd like to have a look for potential problems/cheaters but I was unable to find any messages related to secure ID yet
  4. Thanks for the update. Littele note: You have a typo in the build version in the thread topic I believe :)
  5. leepfrog


    Hi Firefly, thanks for your reply! Regarding your questions: 1. Commit hash 09eb6495f763c323672227f6381fa294f87a41a8 2. Not really big, around 1-2MB, the biggest table has ~3500 lines. But each player only has online line where data is read/written for him 3. 1-5 queries on connection 4. Only restarting the server fixes it. To be more specific - I am talking about the dayz sanctuary files originally published by guru abdul and now continued by ayan4m1.
  6. leepfrog


    Hi Rocket, I was not talking about the official hive but as I wrote about alternative hive builds which do rely on Arma2Lib. thanks
  7. leepfrog


    Hi Firefly, thanks for your extension. I apologize if this has been asked before but I didnt went through the 140+ forum pages and search did not return anything useful. Now to my issue: As I understand the current alternative DayZ hive builds rely on arma2net and your library to update data in a central database. However we are experiencing significant performance drops after 2+ hours of gameplay with 20+ users. The client FPS get lower and the login/joining procedure (which is one of the things that runs DB queries through your plugin) take minutes instead of seconds. As we analyzed that server load/mysql performance is not the issue here. So I believe the issue lies in Arma2Net or in your plugin - somehow the queries get significantly slower over time - leading to this behaviour. However I currently have no idea how to further isolate/troubleshoot this problem. Do you think of any circumstances leading to this behaviour which could be caused by your plugin? Are there any extended logging options one could activate to see possible delays etc? Thanks!