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  1. I added this to the beggining of the first script to disable addition addactions player removeaction sitdown; player removeaction standup;
  2. So I am trying to set up a domi-insurgency mix gamemode for my clan, and want to give the some admins a script to track all vehicles an option to see all vehicles with an external script execution. I've got everything else planned out but need this type of script. Hopefully modeled after this script that lets my admins and moderators with the script track all the players in our server: all_players_on_map.sqf hint "Adding Player Markers"; player addAction["<t color=""#F0C21B"">Players on map</t>", "\RRG\ADMIN\all_players_on_map.sqf", "", 0]; unitList = allUnits; j = count unitList; i = 0; markPos = true; while {markPos} do { unitList = allUnits; j = count unitList; i = 0; for "i" from 0 to j do { unit = unitList select i; pos = position unit; deleteMarkerLocal ("playerMarker"+ (str i)); marker = "playerMarker" + (str i); marker = createMarkerLocal [marker,pos]; marker setMarkerTypeLocal "dot"; marker setMarkerPosLocal (pos); marker setMarkerColorLocal("ColorBlack"); marker setMarkerTextLocal format ["%1",name unit]; }; sleep 0.5; }; Thanks for your help, I'm stumped and the heads want me to dev this for them ;)
  3. Im not asking for help on the players on map sript: its fine and works... I am asking if anyone can help create a script for displaying all vehicles on map, empty or not.