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  1. Operation Clean Sweep - Phase 1 The start of our new operation is underway. Enlist now to play from the start of the OP.
  2. “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." - JFK About Us More Than Just a Clan The 21st Ranger RGT has always maintained an aspect of brotherhood and respect throughout our player base. We pride ourselves in maintaining a mature, friendly, and helpful environment. All of our users are dedicated to the overall well being of the unit as a whole, and we place a heavy emphasis on the individual player. In order to function as a combat-effective team, players need to know each other well enough to gain a sense of reliability. You are never referred to as a number here, and strength is found among friends. We've Been Here For a While This is not a newly started group. The 21st Ranger RGT was founded in 2010, with over 7 years of active service. The core of the unit is comprised of seasoned ArmA veterans who have witnessed the game develop from the very beginning. Our command staff is experienced and knows how to keep a mission together. That being said, we welcome new additions to the team with open arms. Relaxed Realism Relaxed realism is a term that we apply to our style of running the show. Military simulation doesn't have to come with drill sergeant screaming, virtual push ups, or similar "experiencesâ€. A calm and composed atmosphere is maintained at all times during operations. Power trips are not welcome here, and over-the-top rage is left to the kiddies rather than the serious players. What it comes down to at the end of the day, is that we are all here to have fun with an extremely realistic style of combat. Equal Opportunity Any member of the 21st Ranger RGT can progress through the ranks, work through our NCO training programs, and find themselves in a position of responsibility. Too many units are founded by individuals seeking virtual power trips. Rest assured this is not one of them. We welcome new leaders and realize that you cannot recruit an NCO off the streets, you have to build the NCO. It has always been said that what you get out of this unit is dependent upon what you put in. Consistent Operation Schedule The 21st organized operations every single night. No other ArmA clan in existence can boast that they knock out seven operations in a week. While none of our events are mandatory by any means, we still manage to pull an average of 40-60 players a night for our smaller operations. The only time operations are not actively held occurs when the servers are down due to technical problems (which hardly ever happens), or when training/drills take the place of an operation. Members can rest assured that if they are online, something is happening with the 21st. Location Pacific Standard Time _______________________________________________________________ Operations We run multiple operations throughout the week. Open Plays every day*** except Sundays & Tuesdays Official Operations every Sunday** Training & RASP Tuesdays Classes for Qualifications (FO,JFO, FDC, DMR, etc..) Story lined Campaigns Averaging 30+ Players an OP Active Development team improving game play quality and maintaining realism. _______________________________________________________________ Requirements Must be 17+ years of age Must own Arma 3 and APEX DLC Speak English Must have a working microphone Must have Teamspeak 3 installed Not be part of another unit (we do not allow multi-clanning) We do have a strict naming convention. If you name does not meet it, it will have to be changed.**** Must be able to make 1 training a month. (Exceptions can be made) As a recruit when you join, you will need to attend RASP (Bootcamp) on Tuesday Interested? Apply here Enlist Now! You will then be able to join our teamspeak server. There you will speak with an Recruitment Officer. **Official Operations may vary. Depends on if the new campaign is ready and/or stable. ***Open Plays may vary. Depends on player turn out. ****The naming convention applies to the Arma 3 profile in game and the forums. You however, are able to switch between profiles in game.
  3. Squad name: 21st Army Ranger RGT Timezone/location : PST (USA) Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): COOP Contact email: 21stusarmyrangers@gmail.com Website address: http://21starmyrangers.enjin.com/ Short description: Founded in 2010, the 21st Ranger Regiment is an 800+ member ArmA 3 relaxed realism unit running daily 60+ man operations and maintaining multiple dedicated servers. Our player base boasts a large number of active/former military/veteran personnel, as well as a large number of civilian gamers. Language: English
  4. http://dayzmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/87083-whitelist-to-the-rescue Should be what you need
  5. I have been trying to ping the ip and port an arma 2 oa server I have. But it always gives me connection refused. I know the port is open and working because you can connect to it. I am able to ping port 80 and get the online message to appear just fine. //Connection Info $ip = ""; //IP $port = "2326"; //Port //Connection $sock = fsockopen( $ip, $port, $num, $error, 2 ); //2 is the ping time, you can sub what you need //Check Status if( !$sock ){ //Closed echo( "It appears to be closed" ); } if( $sock ){ //Open echo( "It appears to be open" ); fclose($sock); } I have tried localhost and the server's IP and nothing
  6. I love your work. Been using this for a while now and it has come a long way. From crashing when loading bans to now a nice GUI. <3<3<3
  7. ryahn

    PBO Manager

    Aw, download link is dead
  8. Got it all sorted. I am still getting the same error with BEC. I also disabled the firewall and its not that.
  9. I havent been able to use BERcon for a couple of days now. After patching to 95208, all my rcon disappeared
  10. I am having an issue where it says it cannot connect to server. I have it running right in the directory where the server is and I have the program added to the firewall white list.
  11. I have it pointing to the expansion folder in Arma OA and I dont see the BeServer.cfg. But yet I still get the error that the BEServer file is missing