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  1. I have ArmA 2: Free and I have tried installing Mission Packs but I dont quite know how is it a mission pack because When I put the Files in mission pack to MPMissions I try to play on them I only see 1 new mission instead of all the other missions it said it would have. So how does It work?
  2. The only missions I want to play are the chernarus ones only and not the ace or everon versions either |The Next Day| Ok I think I found out how. I downloaded something called cpbo.exe and now I can and cannot extract the .pbo files. When I press the option Extract the Console comes up and it says "cpbo v2.03 by kegetys <kegatys[at]dnainternet.net> Extracting C:\Users\Jhamal\Documents\ArmA 2 other Profiles\KnessX\MPMissions\co4 0_Domination_2_61_West_A2.Chernarus.pbo pboEx: Unkown block in header! aborting Failed!" and thats what it said and in another window it said "extract of one or more files failed" So what does that mean?
  3. The only one I was able to play was co40 domia2 west [2.11] And I saw your post about how to import Missions into the editor and it said something about opening pbo files and I never opened the pbo files All I did was just download the mission pack and put everything in it in the MPMissions folder I didnt do anything to the way it came from when you first download it Just put it in the MPMissions folder
  4. The link is https://dev-heaven.net/attachments/download/6246/DomiA2_2_11_Mission_Pack.7z