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  1. Yep it certainly does Clowns. I guess thats why I am so baffled, because clearly its enabled or I wouldnt get these messages stating GUID computed : blah blah number etc. would I? Host even re-deployed the service, changed box it was on and still the problem persists. They have also stated that they looked at my config and command lines and they appear to be no different to any of the other Combined Ops servers they host so I guess I need to pull the plug on both sservices and find a new host.
  2. Ok so I have been over and over the possiblities suggested. I appreciate the links given but rest assured I have read and followed those all too the letter long before I posted this question. I did make a change to the commandline to make sure it points to the battleye working directory. About the only other information I have at this stage is that I do get the dialog in the chat line area at bottom of screen upon entering the lobby to say Battleye Enabled (V1.158) but thats it nothing once in game. And it still reports as Battleye Required : No at the server select screen before the lobby. Just completely baffled and frustrated at this point. I have entered a support ticket with the host and awaiting their reply. Thanks.
  3. I am in need of assistance with the problem in the title. I have been operating an ARMA 2 server for some time without any issues and after recently deciding to also rent a gameserver for Combined Operations I have come accross this problem where despite enabling Battleye in the same way I did for my ARMA 2 server it appears to be working fine but I can only locate the server by going into the remote tab and entering the IP/port. This locates it no problem but the menu at bottom of screen then reports the game as Battleye Required: No. This is a non-dedicated gameserver from the same host that has given me problem free ARMA 2 hosting and I have checked that its all patched/updated correctly, and that I have the latest battleye.dll's etc. Any suggestions on things to check would be greatly appreciated.