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  1. Server Rules No Hacking Do Not Disrespect other players Always Listen to Administration No Channel Spamming No Discrimination Use common sense Dont be afraid to "make a complaint" Administration is here to help you ​More rules listed on the server under the channel called "rules" Server IP: ts.kgservers.com SERVER DETAILS Our Teamspeak Channel is Public, our goal is to support the Arma 2 and DayZ community and through it, the Arma 2 Developers and DayZ team. IP: TS.KGServers.com OR Port: 9987 Slots: 500 (will be increased as needed) Uptime:24/7 (upgrades of server will be announced atleast one day prior) Bandwidth allocated:Unlimited Creating your own channel/s Groups and users are able to create their own temp/semi-perm channels at the bottom of the teamspeak under the "Create Your Own" title.Channel Groups- Channel Owner- Channel Moderator- Channel Member- Channel Guest If you Need a Clan channel made Please contact an admin in one of the channels. Please support us by telling your friends Support Check Teamspeak for assistance Note: Although our server is not hosted in Australia,Our Admin Team is based here, please take this into consideration timewise. ---------- Post added at 23:55 ---------- Previous post was at 23:50 ---------- Note: I had the idea and wanted to try it... Please message me if this is wrong or incorrect.