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    Russian Railways mod

    Yes. Yes. No. No. :) Roads can be made by any tool. Simulator don't care about it. The main thing - to make it look good. Right now I worry about how the game will react to the generation of thousands objects-rails by script. How long must be rails. We also plan to make tool for transferring generated rail objects to WRP.
  2. Often reading script commands in Wiki I notice: - it is somehow slow - growing number of errors in the bread crumbs, suspect that with Wiki is something wrong But I need only essential information and very fast. The idea is to store information in cache.. ASCWik ver 1.2 (Adobe AIR required) Program simply loads the pages, trim the excess and stores on disk an important parts for future fast opening. Not all pages saved, only in the list.
  3. ysandro

    Underground LOD for OB?

    We saw this in game DeltaForce in 2000. Why is it difficult to do in 2014 - a mystery.
  4. ysandro

    New o2 Issues

    I also found a solution. Star made ​​from scratch. No distortion. Apparently p3d remained some old information about points. And we need to do import again. Even so. When importing in old p3d, the UV will be broken. When importing in a new one, then everything is OK.
  5. ysandro

    New o2 Issues

    Wheel in O2 & Bulldozer :butbut: Although worked well even in OFP. I do not know exactly where the problem is, UV done right, it can be seen in other programs.
  6. So far, since it is sooo difficult for BIS, we can create a normal optics with scripts ;) But for this very necessary function "weaponPosition" similar to weaponDirection.Thanks for the tip, ticket made http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=16026
  7. Does anyone know where to take a class AnimationTypes, required in Config Editor?
  8. ysandro


    With folders and drive its all right. The problem is visible in the screenshot. Yet I write the configs manually. 7 years ago I tried to make my own config editor for OFP, so that you can see the structure in the form of a tree and see inheritance in the form of a table. Failed to write reliable enough parser for the config import. So far no one has done such editor. Even the official does not work.
  9. ysandro


    Thromp, thank you for trying to help me. I mean, that the program requires. There is no problem to write model.cfg from scratch. But for something also given a visual program, and I want to use it. Screenshot Also requires the class Default, but the problem is removed by adding class Default{ isDiscrete=1; skeletonInherit=""; skeletonBones[]={}; }; in class CfgSkeletons or class Default{ sectionsInherit=""; sections[]={}; skeleton=""; class Animations{}; }; in class CfgModels.
  10. ysandro


    Wonderful. On the official forum, no one knows where to get the official class for the official program.
  11. ysandro

    ArmA2 Extended Dll

    Cool tool, Voyager! One example of use. Suppose I want to record the coordinates of the unit. Initially, when you load the mission in the file Init.sqf (Init.sqs), write _initialized = ("ArmA2Ext" callExtension "init"); hint format ["Init: %1",_initialized]; Next, somewhere in the script call a=call compile ("ArmA2Ext" callExtension format["MyExample.SavePath %1",_path]); where in _path - point array (formatted looks like "[[1,2,3],[1,2,4]]"). MyExample.SavePath looks like this: //@ArmA2Ext\Sources\SavePath.cs using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Text; using System.IO; using ArmA2; namespace MyExample { public class SavePath: IExtension { public string Call(string args) { StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder(); builder.Append(args.Trim());// trim whitespaces from " [[1,2,3],[1,2,4]]" builder.Append(";\n\n"); File.AppendAllText(@"e:\temp\path.txt", builder.ToString());// @ needed or write double slash "e:\\temp\\path.txt" return builder.ToString().Length.ToString(); } } } File SavePath.cs may lie in any folder inside the @ArmA2Ext\Sources\ - engine will find it by namespace in file (MyExample). Arrays of coordinates will be found in the file e:\temp\path.txt