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  1. Here are some more pictures for you all: A prussian M1717 12-Pdr called "Brummer" A Officers wig: And last but not least a work that my brother gifted to me thankfully (Vielen Dank Kalli sieht wirklich klasse aus :)) a horse for the limber and cavalry: The work on the Leuthen church will take me a little longer and also with the work on the Habsburger Armee, cause I have to scan in some reference from my books, the prussian grenadier is in game and working I will show you those pictures the next time, stay tuned and don't forget Noob at work. I hope you have fun watching the pictures. And please feel free to comment, give tips, critic.... Greetings PuS
  2. Dear OFP community, first of all I want to say thanks for everyone who is interestet in this idea and of course for this great feedback, so now I have some really great news and of course pics for you all. Let me start with some w.i.p texture I made for the prussian musket: And now the prussian Grenadier with Soldatenzopf Perücke (Soldatenzopf wig), Grenadier Mütze (Grenadier cap) and some parts of the uniform: Dreispitz (Tricorn [very early w.i.p]): And now something very special, a little background info for you all, I thought alot about how to do the uniform for Infantry, Grenadier,...... tried alot of different ways to do this but nothing looked good in my opinion, but then I ended up with this, yes you already see that this is from the wrong period of history (Söldner/Musketier during the 30 Years War) but what I want to show you is that I am on the right way to make a good uniform for the soldiers, in my opinion, if you have any other ideas or tips please feel free to post this here, every tiny tip from you could help me alot. Last time I played alot with the masterpiece called WWI "minimod" from proftournesol and after a heavy artillery barrage I saw all these craters and thought this is an absolute great idea so I came up with this model: This model should show a cononball wich was stopped by earth when it hits the ground, that would be really great if after a shot with the canon this model came up on that place where the shot hit the ground. But this is just an idea if there are any permission problems or something else like this, I don't want to offend someone, please tell it to me.
  3. Thanks alot for all your positive feedback. A small update: A Limber incl Ammo Box M1768 I am working now on the Leuthen church but it is pretty hard to find some good reference online, I have reworked the Grenadiermütze and got it ingame, also I made some texture work on the Flintstone muskets as I write, I will show you some pictures soon, thanks alot for your interest in this idea.As I said I will post more pictures soon for you all. greetings PuS
  4. Dear OFP community, I am an OFP-Player since the first Demo was released and I always wanted to create something for that great game, but never had the patience that was needed to get into modding, but you all know we get older and wiser (most of us I think) :o: enough from me here's is my idea: I want to introduce you to my MOD idea about the Battle of Leuthen during the Seven Years' War. The Seven Years War (1756 - 1763) was a military struggle between Britain and Prussia on one side, and France, Russia, Austria, and Sweden on the other. France and Britain carried the fighting to their colonies, and eventually the conflict involved many of the European powers. In the US this war is known as the French and Indian War. The result of the war was to increase the power of Britain (especially in her colonies) and Prussia. The leading military figure in the conflict was King Frederick II of Prussia, later known as Frederick the Great. One of his innovations was the oblique attack order. This maneuver was designed to bring the bulk of his army against one of the enemie's flanks, defeating it decisively before the entire enemy army could become engaged. At the battle of Leuthen (1757) he used the strategy effectively to defeat a larger Austrian army. I hope I could arouse your interest, but we all have RL and I am pretty new to modding so please have mercy when I asking or saying/noobish things. And last but not least some pictures for you all have fun watching. Grenadiermütze Drum Austrian Commiss Flint 1754 Prussian M1740 Prussian M1717 3 pdr PS: Sorry for bad english or misunderstanding
  5. tom3kb is right, I had same problems before I got my new PC try and reduce your visual settings.
  6. Really great work you all have done, looking forward.
  7. PuS

    Zulu war 1879 uzuthu

    Great work lesbille, I am really excited of your map (and also for the release ;) ) Greetings PuS
  8. Really great work Over the top Team, thank you for your work/pics.
  9. Thanks for clearing petrtlach, I thought for that since the ww1 mod from ofp http://ofp.gamepark.eu/index.php?showthis=5861 (picture left bottom) just to make a place on the map where you can put the trench model, but in ofp times that doesn't work, and awesome work on these german soldiers, really great.
  10. Hi skeligandrew and the whole ww1 mod team, try to contact Prowler or Pacuk from Inv1944 mod they had some "on map" trenches in the map http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?117585-Invasion-1944-v2-5-(CO)/page72 in the description it says "The sleepy town of Bastogne is sure to give you the chills as it is overlooked by a menacing hill littered with trenches and foxholes that have been meticulously prepared in the biting cold. There is no telling what carnage is about to be unleashed." By the way you are all doing a really great job with this mod, keep on guys!
  11. LOL Günter you were the last who posted in the thread, and Wolle got mad after that, sry for ot but it was funny for me. (Please don't get me wrong Günter) I wish you all the best Currahee MOD Team, I am curious for the first screens of your work.
  12. PuS

    Liberation 41-45 and CWA

    Hi Günter Severloh, You are right but after all the installs only the Lib vehicles in WW2MP had the great damage system (readme I think says all vehicles would have it?!?), I think you know what I mean, I only play the "new" released caen mod and LIB, but thanks alot for your information. Greetings
  13. PuS

    Liberation 41-45 and CWA

    Hi NacroxNicke, sorry for putting up this thread so late but do you play Lib mod via the shortcut that comes with the installation ? I have installed lib and all the patches on my desktop then move it to my cwa folder and made a own shortcut with -nosplash -mod=LIB and I have no problems with crashes Greetings
  14. PuS

    OFP Addon request thread

    @-RuN- http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?127336-OFPr-info-ofp-gamepark-cz contact JdB I think he can help you.
  15. PuS

    OFPr.info / ofp.gamepark.cz

    Thanks for the Info JdB, great to hear :D