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  1. I'm still having an issue with the African Conflict mod. My arms are a tad weird. http://i.imgur.com/yFWZJOR.jpg (591 kB)
  2. Haven't been keeping up with this well. Are the US troops working? I would like to try some D-DAY stuff tomorrow.
  3. I believe that some components of the Cargo Generator are broken. The menu scrolls all the way down and locks and I cant add items. Any fix?
  4. Pilot996

    Hidden Identity Pack V.2

    Really cool stuff. Is it possible that you could maybe put all these in a ammo box? It would make it a bit easier.
  5. Pilot996

    Task notifications.

    Thanks! I will try and figure this out.
  6. How can I get the notification to appear on the screen when a task is assigned or created? It only shows up when it is succeeded.
  7. Pilot996

    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    I see you talk about addon maps. Can I get some help with this? I am trying to run Lingor and I can put a unit in the editor and play. When I try to exit to go back to the editor it crashes. I am also having this issue: http://i.imgur.com/BQiJoyF.jpg (295 kB)
  8. I would be fine with this. I am having tanks sounds that are tremendously louder than other sounds. Here is a video. (Careful. It is loud.)
  9. Okay. Great, I was thinking it was just me.
  10. Is there supposed to be an issue with the sounds? I am having insanely loud sounds for tanks, plane cannons, and other various things. The guns are fine and the support/cars are fine also. Any help?
  11. Pilot996

    No women at all

    The island looks like a very large resort with all of the current civilians. Hopefully the modding community comes out on top.
  12. Pilot996

    No women at all

    I had the same thought when I first started playing. In all the awesomeness Arma 3 is, I was a bit disappointed to see no female characters.
  13. Pilot996

    Vietnam: The Experience

    Is there any way to use the radio on the RTO class to call for support?
  14. Wow! Things are really looking good! I made a list of suggestions that you could possibly consider. - The Island has good shape and I really like the river systems, but I suggest you make some parts of the river deeper. - I am guessing you are working on adding grass and other assorted foliage near buildings. In some towns there was no grass. - Keep up the great work and adding really cool landmarks (Bases, airfields, docks, etc.). - Also, random rock! All in all, I think what you have here is very good!