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    Log kill messages

    Basically I need time, killer and killed person. Location would be nice, but not a must have. I get reports from player "A guy teleported himself to us and killed some guys". With the logs as of now, I can't react to this.
  2. worst thing about this is, you can't connect with 3.0.7 to updated servers.
  3. Nope, nothing. Can't be muted on TS either, because normal talk worked. I know the "fix" with dropping the radio, but that didn't work either. A guy a few posts above has the same problem, but apparently no solution in this thread.
  4. My radios stopped working, pretty much midgame. Directional talking works without a problem, but I can't transmit on any radio. The key works, the radio on the bottom right side pops up, but no one can hear me. Sqwak is also played. The first time this occurred, I was able to work around this by using a vehicle mounted radio. But today nothing worked. Channel/frequency was set correctly on both sides. It's as if my microphone was on mute.
  5. Hey guys, I'm running a Dayz server and have problems with hackers. I'm not able to identify them with the stock logfiles, but I saw logs like this elsewere: 16:24:27 "4335.86 seconds: Dr Aquafresh (WEST) has been killed by Goatie22 (WEST). Dr Aquafresh position: [5067.54,3007.31,0.00140381] (GRID 0506703007). Goatie22 position: [5068.31,3006.38,0.00143433] (GRID 0506803006). Distance between: 1.21024 meters. Near players (100m): ["Goatie22","Powell","RiceBoi","Chris","Kingslayer"]" How do I enable those?