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  1. hello samatra, any updates or plans for arma 2 version?? figured your busy with arma 3. not sure when next arma 2 patch will be availible, was just wondering how the headless client plan was going and such.
  2. oldgamer

    [MP/Team] Sa-Matra's Wasteland

    Hi Sa-Matra, Thanks for the mission, it is nice when game doesn't crash. Noticed you got headless client going on it. Was wondering if you would consider using the R3F Armes Weapons mod with the mod. Would add some extra content to the game and i think other players would really like it, but i can't really speak for them. Alot of players get crashes on Altis and i looked at rpt files and it the same old access violation error from back in arma 2. The Fault address is in Arma 3 executable and the file is your mission if that helps any. Not sure if you are getting the same problem. May be driver related seems Nvidia has yet to do anything with their drivers for this game but they are for other games. guess we'll have to wait on that one Anyways nice job on the mod hopefully all the bugs can be ironed out soon
  3. hi Silvan78, are using beta patch? if so which one? been using current 106400 and noticed alot of errors in rpt after playing just wasteland. have reason too think some if not all the menu function errors are related to usage of the newest patch. bad net connection causes some of those issues aswell. just because someone pays for high speed doesn't mean they always get those speeds and it does effect game play quite a bit. The headless client that sumatra is trying to implement to his wasteland mod should fix alot of the dumb ai behavior for now ai are client side and that causes alot of the ai issues you have stated. i have played on some servers that are using headless client and ai are very different and from what i seen team work is a must when engaging them alone, you wont stand a chance. gonna try previous beta patch too see if those issues arise again didn't have any with build 103718. hope this helps ya..
  4. Thanks for reply Sumatra, looking forward to when Headless Client is implemented. hopefully you get it figured out on R3F. Hopefully next patch will address many multiplayer issues this time around.More and more people are starting to go for mods like yours it was even mentioned by BI developers on A3 beta interviews. I got no knowledge of scripting or coding if i did i would certainly give ya a hand.
  5. Hi SuMatra, I've been playing your Wasteland version for some time now on usa servers. really enjoy it alot. Don't know if you are familiar about Headless Client being used in large battles with AI and up to 90 players if i recall correctly. Was wondering if you have considered using it with your build of Wasteland? I read on Tonic's page about doing some testing with it or considering using it for his version. Just a suggestion if possible or not too much trouble if you could implement it to your build. Helps with client and server performance when dealing with the AI and their complex coding and scripting. Also makes them very responsive to enemy players in a more realistic manner. It also helps the players performance increase because the AI are server controlled. On another suggestion the servers scanning for objects every 10 seconds or so that effects some players would be interesting if Headless Client could be used with the R3F objects addon. probably have to get with the R3F team about that one. Thanks for the time and work on this mod it's been a woot the past few months i have been playing it
  6. hello all, just wanted to inform you guys. i am not a expert or very knowledgeable about using the commands and all that, but i did test this beta in both arma 2 benchmark 1 and operation arrowhead benchmark. there was a big difference in fps. with the vanilla was getting 34fps in arma 2 and in OA was getting 48fps. with beta i get 48fps for arma 2 and 58fps for OA. and my rig is fairly old. AA is disabled and most other setting are either disabled or set low. view distance is around 4000. thanks BI don't know what was done in this beta but i can tell a difference, not as much stuttering and LOD stuff..