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    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Issue was logged here, and has been resolved. Can build the latest agm_interaction.pbo from GitHub or wait for next update. Or if you can't do either, pm me your email and I'd be happy to send it to you.
  2. docbrown

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Mod is looking great so far. Very keen to use it extensively. I do have an issue with the UI though. I am playing on triple wide resolution of 7680 x 1440 and the interaction font is quite large. It doesn't seem to be scaling correctly to the resolution. See screenshot below. http://i.imgur.com/TFdsHmk.png (310 kB) Would appreciate a fix, as reading each option is a little difficult.
  3. docbrown

    RenderWorlds and the sky

    I'm messing around with the provided RenderWorlds maps (white, blue, green) but i'm having issues with the sky. I was expecting the sky to be the same colour as the terrain for keying, like the screenshots from the wiki: Instead i'm getting this: http://i.imgur.com/0ktbqYz.png (494 kB) The sky is green but gradients to white at the horizon. It's same for white and blue RenderWorlds. Is there a way to get RenderWorlds to look like the screenshots from the wiki? Changing the mission time doesn't seem to help. Is there a setting i'm missing, or perhaps a launch parameter? Would appreciate any suggestions.
  4. Not sure about your linux issue, but to get sound when transmitting - confirm that you have copied the "radio-sounds" folder to "../Teamspeak3/Installfolder/plugins/" and that you have "Sound Pack Volume" turned up in Teamspeak/Playback settings. Also noticed that there's update v0.9.0.1 for Taskforce Radio in PwS. Is there a changelog for this update? Thanks.
  5. Love this mod, prefer it over BIS GPS. Would it be possible to input waypoint grids and text via physical keyboard? Would like to use this as a proxy CDU while doing CAS in the A-10, but entering waypoints gets in the way of flying, especially entering waypoint names with the virtual buttons.
  6. Seems to be categorized as an Arma 2 mod on PWS. Is that correct?
  7. Looks great. Any plans to add ability to connect DAGR to range finder a-la ACE2?
  8. docbrown

    A-10C for Arma 3

    Great mod, and hoping to use it in alot of missions but have noted a few things regarding its weapons. From what I've seen so far, there are two types of AGM-65Ds on the default loadout. One called CCD and another called IIR. Pressing right click with CCD selected, it gives the lock tone. But when fired it does not hit the target. Is this meant to be TV guided by the TGP like an AGM-65H? The IIR (infrared = 65D?) variant locks on and strikes target like any other ATGM in Arma 3. The GAU-8 does not inflict any visible damage to T-100s, even after making multiple gun runs to its rear. The current bomb reticle in the hud seems to be very inaccurate. Mk84/82's drop 100-200m short of target. Really can't wait for CCIP/CCRP modes. Can anyone confirm whether or not the GBU12 is able to track painted targets from Arma 3's default laser designator?
  9. docbrown

    A storm is coming (Arma 3 Zeus DLC)

    Trailer looks pretty amazing. Have been playing missions created with VTS and MCC since Arma 2 and look forward to trying Zeus. Hope that it will be mod friendly, especially with third party terrain.