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  1. mocmocmoc

    2017mod - full conversion mod

    looking GREAT!!!! :D
  2. mocmocmoc

    Episode 3, "Game Over" mission

    I wanted to save so badly, just so I can explore the whole island. I played for 5 hours straight in one go, had a convoy of 2x hunter GMG and an mraps but got killed with one rpg out of nowhere. Those temptest repair truck found at the Dome is super useful!
  3. Hi, thanks for your reply. I'm a total noob for scripting and I'm trying to make perspective maps for DayZ. Any better idea on how I can better go about snapping pics so I can stitch them up in photoshop? What I did was very crude and primitive. My first attempt was rather dodgy http://imgur.com/a/ImMEL#1 The camera script is also hindered by FOV. To counter that, I could have to move the camera really high up and zoom in to get as perfect an isometric view as possible but the higher the camera goes, the fog starts to deteriorate the image. Also I realize that structures like medical tent and road blockages for DayZ will not spawn in until I'm near them, so I've added a teleport line to the unit but it only works for 100 meters at a time.. This is what I added to the unit: nul=[] execVM "monitor.sqf"; onmapsingleclick "player setpos _pos" Thanks in advance
  4. Hi guys, total noob here. I hope this is the right place to ask. I'm working on a DayZ Annotated Perspective Map and I need help on some simple camera scripting. I got my hands on the DayZ single player 1.3.4 PBO, extracted it and very crudely edited the mission.sqm to load camera.sqs instead of selmodel.sqf. Basically I replaced the code: expActiv="nul=[] execVM ""selmodel.sqf"""; to expActiv="nul=[] execVM ""camera.sqs""; setAccTime 1; showCinemaBorder false"; The problem is, when in camera mode, DayZ objects like military tents, road obstructions, etc. does not appear until I walk up to them in player mode and this is really time consuming. Any idea how I can fix this? Maybe teleporting or what not. This is my first time scripting arma2. The end product is just some perspective screenshots of DayZ map so I won't be redistributing anything other than the screenshots. Thanks a lot!