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  1. Hrm, I'm using a Zamack transport (open). Maybe the behavior is different when a driver is present? I've only tested this with an empty vehicle and putting the AI in the passenger seat. That's the first thing I tried! Unfortunately the AI still has some sort of brain when the FSM is disabled.
  2. You mean the "You Died" message? I haven't used far-revive so I'm not sure I know what you mean.
  3. I loaded up a quick test mission with both zlt & SRS - both work fine for me; here's a link. Without anything more specific (error messages, etc) I'm not sure I can help =/
  4. Hi lawndartleo, could you be more specific by what "BOINK" means in this instance? I don't see anything in particular with zlt_fastropes that would be causing any issues; all it does is add actions to the player.
  5. I've tried calling this while it was empty, or occupied, either way makes no difference for me. I slap down a transport vehicle, add "this allowCrewInImmobile true" to the init, tell the AI to hop in, shoot the tire and the AI hops out. If I follow the same procedure with a driver he stays in the vehicle as expected. oh yea I'm already doing that Yea I think the AI is just pre-programed to get out when the vehicle is damaged. The while loop I posted above seems to be working well enough for me.
  6. Is there any way to prevent AI from disembarking from a cargo spot when it gets damaged? I know allowCrewInImmobile works for "crew", but unfortunately does not work for "cargo" =/. I'm trying to setup a sort of escort mission where the unit never leaves a vehicle, but it is proving rather difficult when a few shots to the tire makes him jump out and lay on the ground. I have tried disableAI for FSM & MOVE, neither of which seem to do the trick. Any ideas? Thanks! ---------- Post added at 11:55 ---------- Previous post was at 11:38 ---------- I just figured out a pretty poor way of handling this: _unit = _this select 0; _veh = _this select 1; _unit assignAsCargoIndex [_veh,1]; while{true} do{ waitUntil{vehicle _unit != _veh}; _unit moveInCargo [_veh,1]; sleep 1; }; which seems to work, but I'd be curious to hear any other approaches.
  7. I'm pretty sure it is reading the squad.xml correctly as his remark, name, and tag show up just fine.
  8. Hi everyone, Having a small issue with the squad.xml for one of my members. The details (such as remark, etc) show up in game, but the logo does not, even though it works for everyone else. Any ideas on where to start trying to figure out the cause? Thanks!
  9. I haven't explicitly tested this with alive, but I don't see any reason why it would conflict! You want to run this script on all clients, which is easiest done by creating a file called "initPlayerLocal.sqf" in the root mission directory, then add an execVM statement to execute the respawn loop script: [] execVM "respawnLoop.sqf";
  10. Is there any documentation on how to setup the new Shared Objectives? I really like the way tasks are done in the new End Game Kavala mission, but I can't find which pbo file it's in =/
  11. Hi Powel! Where are you initializing SRS? If in your init.sqf then it should be called for every palyer regardless of if they are JIP or not. You shouldn't have to call SRS_fnc_init multiple times, so deleting the first instance in your example should be fine. That is something that SRS does not handle, I left that up to the mission creator. This is the script I use in my missions for this purpose. If there is no error then what tells you there is a conflict? I am not familiar with magRepack but it is likely a redefinition in GUI/SRSdialogs.hpp, but without an error message I am not sure.
  12. holy hell, the day has finally come! Thanks Silola!
  13. Thanks for the kind words! Check the latest update for the 3rd/1st person cam fix =) Glad to hear you figured it out. I just added a flag to the latest version to allow you disable this requirement (I wasn't aware anyone was using this with AGM!). UPDATE March 25, 2015: SRS_requireFAK --> this checks for and removes a FAK, if disabled this check is bypassed and no FAKs are removed. SRS_toggleCam --> this enables the 3rd person 1st person camera toggle just download the latest version of the repo and you should be good to go~
  14. I'm not sure to be honest as I haven't messed with those other scripts. I assume that if they're both defined the same then it should be fine - but your best bet is to go and see if it works!
  15. It looks like a conflict with one of your other hpp files - something is getting defined twice. In SRSDialogs I redifine a bunch of defaults since they don't exist by default - feel free to comment these out and see if that helps. Right now it seems to be complaining about #define CT_XSLIDER 43