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  1. Thank you! This solved my problem. For my setup I have custom respawn location with a countdown selected. In the editor: 1. Add a respawn module with repawn_logic in variable 2. Add the virtuall Zeus as usual, BUT do not tick the option to force the Zeus Interface. This prevents the game from crashing, while choosing spawnpoints. In multiplayer: Zeus will now spawn in the body of a invisible bunny. Hitting the Z key brings up the Virtual Zeus Interface as usual. UPDATE: The next problem that came up, was that the Virtual Zeus somehow still had a physical body after respawing through the respawn menu. He would fall from the sky after tapping out of the Zeus Interface and get hurt when zooming into the ground or near buildings. Everywhere you went with the Zeus Camera, blood is spilt. To solve this, one must prevent Zeus from respawning at gamestart. Put the following in your description.ext to make Virtual Zeus skip the respawn menu. respawnTemplatesWest[] = {"MenuPosition"}; respawnTemplatesVirtual[] = {};
  2. Merc4tor

    Thirsk Island

    Sorry for digging this up. I'm trying to get Thirsk working on a Arma 3 server. Can anyone confrim it is still working and if so, what mods are required?
  3. Merc4tor

    Disable GPS Mini Map

    I still want players to have a GPS and use coordinates to navigate on the map.
  4. I'm trying to disable the RightCtrl+M mini map, but it just wont work. In description.ext I have showGPS = 0; and yet the GPS is still coming up, when I preview the Mission. Everything else works fine. I have ACE running, may be that's the problem?
  5. This is the best snow camo I have seen fpr Arma 3. Will you guys also do a retexture of the RHS:USAF MARPAT camo?
  6. Merc4tor

    A quantum leap - Arma 4

    Snow, Winter, Snowmobiles, Ski, Arctic, Polar, White, Cold, Frost, Ice, Tundra, Lonley... northern ....... depressing
  7. Hi guys, I play Arma 2 for over a year now and I think I got the hang of it. ;) So I'm looking for a clan, but don't know who to join. I'm especially interested in Navy Seals, Special Boat Service, Frogmen and Kampfschwimmer - kind of unit, since I'm really into boats. But I'm also happy to recieve PM's from any other clan looking for able men. Name: Johanson Location: Germany (GMT +1) Games: ArmA 2 + all Addons Mods : ACE2, ACRE and more Languages: German and English I know diving is not really possible in ArmA (yet), but maybe there is a clan that is planing to open a diving division in ArmA 3.