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  1. Seddrik

    The end of argo??

    Exactly ^^. Ping was the first thing I always looked at.
  2. Seddrik

    The end of argo??

    They took off the server browser? lol..................
  3. Seddrik

    Skill Tree Issue

    Maybe you don't switch as much as I do or you don't spend money. The best weapons (Mk 18 or snipers) are not my preferred play style. I don't have 950k. But I am having fun conquering Britain with a sword in another game. So.... lul
  4. Seddrik

    Skill Tree Issue

    One reset, 300k? And you see no issue with that? I've already moved on to a different game anyway. *shrug* Don't like being forced into one play style. My friends seem to have moved on also.
  5. Seddrik

    Skill Tree Issue

    Its already too late. It didn't display. Had no idea what the price was. So I switched back. Entirely wasted 114k due to this system.
  6. Ok. Saved 250k game currency. Decided to change my gear since I have been not playing and was bored using the same sett up. The switch alone cost 57k. Went to buy the armor lvl 2 and... no price was displayed. Clicked it and... didn't have enough. So.... Switched back to a usable skill set. 57k again. For nothing. This system isn't working. Its really boring being stuck in one mode.
  7. For its tier it is weak. Its in the wrong location.
  8. Seddrik

    server problem

    Are you guys on a network? Maybe parents (or boss) blocked you from playing?
  9. Seddrik


    TY for the info Cookie. That is encouraging. And I agree this list has digressed into a childish wrangling. People, state your case and post what evidence you have then just let the devs/admins handle the rest. Stop the pointless arguing. Just stick to the facts people. Fevered emotional outbursts and insults will not persuade the dev/admins of the validity of your point.
  10. Seddrik

    Glitch abusing allowed?

    I know! Its making me hungry for cookies........ lol
  11. Seddrik

    Glitch abusing allowed?

    As a nonglitching nonhacking player - I too get very frustrated with the rampant glitchers and constant hackers. I've played Arma for years and Battleeye does ban in waves... but those waves SEEM like they take forever... and the hackers seem to really run rampant and unchecked ruining the fun for regular players. At the same time, Cookie has answered several questions which... some seem not to acknowledge. Several things are apparently in the works and the devs (like any of us) have to be given the time to do their work. If the game gets too much, then just take a break. I took a break for a few months before due to certain issues and... am leaning towards another break due to glitchers & hackers now. Several friends I play with have the same idea and are playing other games without these issues. But whatever you choose to do, don't abuse the Cookie. Shes nice and helpful and has honestly been pretty polite (a LOT nicer than many forum admins I've seen through the years!). Hands Cookie a cookie:
  12. Seddrik

    How are people level 20+ already?

    I don't care much for link (even with the xp you get there). I like Raid (though people seem to play this less than clash and link). I'm lvl 21, even though I keep taking breaks from Argo. Raid has fast sets and has faster XP than clash (though link is arguably the best xp if you follow the info in previous posts).
  13. Seddrik

    Level design feedback

    Several maps have had things added to already tight spaces. maybe its aesthetics or some other purpose, but some spots are tight enough as is... Raid - Radio - C is already a tight space. Now a table completely blocks one side... http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1084848506 Raid - Radio C - Back room has bags in front and makes the window almost useless. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1084848186 Its not just this spot or this map. But its getting pretty bad. Please stop cluttering and blocking everything.... you are taking the fun out of the maps.
  14. Seddrik


    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1084078264 Very suspicious behavior - like a visibility hack. I was on Radio Tower raid. I entered Alpha through the door visible on the right, while the rest of my team was at C out the left door direction (two guys alive at the time on my team besides me and two on the other team). What made me first suspicious was that while they were fighting at C, a lull occurred and someone started repeat single shotting the wall I was sitting next to even though no friendlies were around that location. This occurred for three sets of shots during the lull. Then another engagement happened and my last two teammate died and one more opponent. It was two opponents and myself. It was at this point I took a screenshot. Then one left (kicked I think). And after a moment... the single shots against my wall started again as if Flyry (the only opponent left now) knew I was there. Suspicious of what was happening, I had not moved to prevent sound detection (which happens a lot) and all other opponents were dead except him and myself. So, how did he repeatedly plink my wall right where I was? No bodies were in that area when I came out, so he was not "making sure" of any kill. And that many plinks would be ridiculous to "make sure" anyway. When I asked him about it, telling him I was behind a wall so how could he be shooting at me without some sort of visibility hack - he didn't say much. The next round was a new match. Flyry soon became the sole survivor of his team and even though I had not fired a shot and was pretty far out just watching... 2 seconds after the last people died... there he was shooting at me from inside the compound. If this last case was all there was then I could say maybe he got lucky and spotted me. But with the prior odd events... it does seem strange indeed that he so quickly acquired a target lock, so to speak, when I had done so little to draw attention to myself. -------- Ok. Got on today and the same guy logs in. He gets this error (wrong signature for structures) and gets kicked. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1084847254
  15. Seddrik

    Glitch abusing allowed?

    Yeah it is getting pretty rampant Ghetto. I agree. They say they are working on automating it... so.... until then. Dunno. For me, I have just gotten off and played something else when the game gets hard to enjoy because of abusers (glitchers or hackers). That is something they have to deal with and I am sure they know it is detrimental to their game.