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    I also have a problem on the whale filming mission. I get 100% film footage on the first set, however when I find the second set and hover near them within 250m, the filmer does not recognise that we have found the whales. Is there a special button that I need to press to wakeup the photographer?
  2. Because we have the same issue. If I started my own thread people would tell me there is already a thread on the subject. Furthermore, the original thread poster is not the one who has made impatient comments towards technical staff. I believe I am in the right place.
  3. ---Please get your facts right. Those comments were not made by ME ---and no I am not running Steam version very unprofessional I might add.
  4. OK I have tried running the .exe launch from program folder, and same thing, It would be good if Arma2 would supply an "Install repairer/checker" that checks the integrity of folders, and makes sure that nothing is out of place... I can send you my DxDiag.txt, however I am unsure how to attach a file using his forum. I can email the file to a Genuine support member.
  5. yes' date=' and it seems that the [b']"DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer"[/b] for DirectX9.0c IS the installer/update for directx 9.0 and all those before it. So I still have a problem, my last attempt will be to uninstall the entire game and try again... but I will wait a few days, I'm rather busy. thanks
  6. I have manually installed directx 9.0c and tried other things like turning off hyperthreading, and removing all extra commands in the shortcut. still does the same thing....will try installing just directx 9.0 tommorrow, and see if it works.
  7. I have the same problem ATi Firepro v5800 graphics, with latest drivers DirectX 11 I have installed the game, the expansion, the patch, and now I get the same error. I felt like pulling my hair out and punching my own face, during the whole process, and now this. ...seriously, they need to make this game more accessable to the general public. Awkward install, awkward player control and slow frame rate do not make for funtimes
  8. Ah thanks, I got it now. ;)
  9. I am very new to this game, and have begun the basic training. I speak with the Marksman Trainer and he tells me to load a clip and take a few shots, and then we will begin. So I load a clip from the ammo box, and take some shots, but then nothing happens. There seems to be no way to interact with the Computer Controlled Players. How can I restart a single objective without restarting the entire basic training session?