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  1. Hi Everyone. my name is Laubox and I have always been a huge fan of Arma 3. As I don’t have that many friends that play arma 3 I want to set up a small (casual / realistic) unit to play some Recon Ops. I want to play this with Task force radio, ace, CUP mods. I hope to gather around 10 / 15 players that are european and 18+ Of course a working microphone is required! With this post i Just want to check if people will be up for it:) So i don't have a schedule yet. We can do that later! Cheers, laubox
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    I am starting a new series on my Youtube channel. Check it out and feedback is always welcome! https://www.youtube.com/embed/uLQbF7eoOjY
  3. Dear Soldiers from the Iron Front, Tonight the 29th PANZER GRENADIERS will hold a Large Iron Front Tactical event. Are you tired of playing Iron Front solo? And want to play in a tactical realism setting, then this is your chance to join us tonight! Briefing: 20:00 GMT + 1 Teamspeak: ( Make sure you join 30 minutes before briefing starts) Operation Fall Schwarz http://img845.imageshack.us/img845/5005/ertl.jpg (516 kB) Germany will defend it's home in the east, and maintain our grip of Poland, the Wehrmacht have been pushed back for too long, however the führer's decision is to launch this counter-offensive. Operation bagration have gone to far, the summer offensive will not achieve it's ultimate goal, the soviets will not reach the fatherland. We do not have the proper support for this operation considering that the Luftwaffe have not been able to maintain their airforces, the 29th will have to move into Baranow without the support of the Luftwaffe. The Panzerwaffe attached to the 29th have been supplied with the gear necessary to provide the 29th with the proper firepower of our newly acquired Panzerkampfwagen V Panthers. Our part in the first days of the counter offensive is to engage the Soviet garrison set in this sector, remnants of the 20th division and it's attached 4th 'Red Fox' Mechanized Brigade. 'Red fox' or the 4th Mechanized Brigade is not deployed on the western side of the sector, they are deployed as reserves, the division commander believes they will confront us when we work our way towards the heart of the sector. The 20th Guard division have stationed about 4 companies worth of infantry in trenches along the sector border. Intelligence suggests they are armed with the standard soviet weapons, Air Reconnaissance confirmed the presence of a mortar position marked on the operation map. Intelligence also suggests that their headquarters are located south of the lines, this will be the main objective of our initial strike. The 29th Panzer Grenadiers are tasked with breaking through the lines, the Polish have entrenched themselves along the forest, our job is not to destroy the whole presence of OPFOR, our job is to break through on either side and assault the headquarters to the south, if the 29th succeeds in taking out the headquarters all polish forces in the area of operations will have to fall back to their secondary positions, for us that is good as we gain momentum and might be able to balance the odds in the final showdown between west & east. Optional objectives are to locate the mortar attachment and destroy the mortar pits, command is ensured that the mortars will reign down on us. If they are not destroyed they will provide fire-support to the lines. The 4 companies in the trenches have hands on maxim machine guns as well as 76mm Artillery pieces, through recon we've confirmed the presence of at least one T-34/76. If the 29th is to succeed in the opening strike of the campaign, they will have to move fast and break through the lines before mortars and reinforcements can support the trench formations. Momentum will be key to the success of Fall Schwarz 'eins', the 29th will destroy the Soviet headquarters and successfully force the OPFOR to back dow For more information visit: 29thclan.net Previous Tactical event. Visit OksmanToH at http://www.youtube.com/user/OksmanToH for more iron front videos. There will be a limit of the amount of players that can join. When signing up on the website in the recruitment, you will def have a spot!