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  1. As to the original game this is the best ever, however it`s to repetitive, needs more missions to capture islands also be able to base build on islands, something like C&C style resource gathering and bases on the tac map. Also the AI carrier can do a 180deg turn in 1 second, it does not launch craft`s to recapture islands like I have to, as to my islands I should beable to see the ai carrier on the tac map if it is with in the island field of view. The ai can see me on their island and chase me unless I take out the radar dish etc.
  2. How can I change the controls to use the arrow keys? I.E :- UP forward BACK backward LEFT left etc, as it says configured for controller, change controller keys first.. How do you do this? Thanks
  3. On this mission you have to take out the jammers so you have contact with you craft or they go out of range, I have taken out the one to the East and the one to the North-East, but the 3rd one I cannot get near, the 3rd one is near the ships docking port icon on map, I have manually steered the ship as close to land as possible, but the max range ring on the map is just on the edge of the target location, on taking a craft there the craft screen is washed out and I cannot see the target to deactivate it, if I get right ontop of the scrambler I loose control of the craft. How do you do it? Thanks
  4. lol, done it, the carrier can take out 2 of them with ease, but the 3rd one is covered by buildings. The mission said deactivate it but didnt say destroy, easier than trying to turn it off closeup lol
  5. ok thanks il give that a try, I have tried just no shooting them with the ships cannon and the first one i destroyed so il give that ago as well :)
  6. colmaniac

    Redefine controls?

    Hi, tried that, I even deleted the 360 control settings, as that is where the conflict is coming from as the arrow keys are on the layout, I have even changed the A,S,D,W for up,down,left,right but still not working, I have done this on other games and it does work, but this game no luck, I have also done a reboot as well
  7. Hi I have operation flashpoint GOTY and just downloaded FFUR installed it and patched it to 2.5. All I want to know is how do you run it? there is no icon only a launch the MOD icon that does something, I have ran the normal game but it runs as the original I have tried everything I can think of to get the mod to work and nothing, there is no instructions on how to run the mod only how to install, can anyone help? Thanks
  8. Hi, thanks alot that worked :) I messed around with the files to try and get it to work, the only thing that isnt working is the gfx`s its still original, il uninstall and tryagain, should work properly :D I do have the updated main screen new guns and sounds so I know it works.
  9. thanks, the op flashopint is in main directory as C:\program files\codemasters\operation flashpoint, all the files are there. aslo in the same place is a file called @ffsx2007. Aslo how do I add "C:\Program Files\OperationFlashpoint\FLASHPOINTRESISTANCE.EXE -nosplash -mod=@FFUR-SLX 2007" to the short cut as I never doen it before, any other mods on games I have used befre either went into a mod folder or I used JSME.