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  1. HackerSlasher

    Multi-Session Operations v4.5 released

    Single Player setup - as easy as it gets. I threw it all in a new @MSO/Addons folder and tried the Chernarus mission and so far so good...
  2. HackerSlasher

    The Road To War - SP Campaign

    Ok thanks - I wonder if it was ASR_AI that I use with everything...
  3. HackerSlasher

    The Road To War - SP Campaign

    Hi and thanks for the Campaign... I'm enjoying it so far but I've run in to a problem on mission "Step by Step", where one of the tasks is to rescue the villagers in Msta. The trouble is they are killed within a minute of the mission starting every time. They're also over 1k away so there's no chance of getting there in time. Can anyone confirm this problem at all?
  4. HackerSlasher

    the Memory (Sarge studio)

    Well that was a refreshing change from the norm. Solid story telling with excellent cinematics and editing. I also enjoyed the pace of it as a whole and the grown up feel to it. A couple of minor downsides - some of the text would disappear a little too quickly I felt and the close ups of the Hind in flight would flicker and jump around for me, but that may be just my set up here. All in all very enjoyable indeed - well done!
  5. HackerSlasher

    UNSUNG Coop Pack

    The FileDropper link is dead, but I found your pack here instead : http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21756 An update to the first page might help others who come along...
  6. Hey, no problem at all nettrucker and thanks for the Campaign. No problems or errors at all and it's running nice and smooth.
  7. I'm not actually a new player...I just follow orders ;) Thanks guys.
  8. I had to move the PBO into the Campaigns folder - thanks tom3kb! * It might be worth updating the installation note for noobs ;) *
  9. Hi I'm trying to get this to work but without success. I keep getting "error in campaign structure" the moment I try to start the campaign. I'm on the latest A2:OA beta patch and have just installed Unsung 2.5 and the required CBA_OA beta and it all appears to be working. I then extracted the "Operation Wayne grey.rar" into my Campaigns folder like it said in the installation procedure in your Armaholic link. The resulting "Operation Wayne grey" folder contains the files with no extra folders at all. Any help appreciated.
  10. HackerSlasher

    [Co-oP] Take the Airfield

    Turns out that my games drive is shafted - disc check giving constant errors after saying it's cleared them. Hey ho, I knew it wouldn't take much of a reason to grab a 512Gb SSD or two...
  11. HackerSlasher

    Co05_SP Silent Justice Stratis

    Yup, just got it with no problems - ty.
  12. HackerSlasher

    [Co-oP] Take the Airfield

    I'm not running a development version then and I get the same error on the latest build. Every other mission or mod I've tried works fine, online too for that matter. Would be good if someone else could try this out and report back... Edit : Don't why I didn't try another mission before - seems I've got some corrupt files here.
  13. HackerSlasher

    [Co-oP] Take the Airfield

    Not sure sorry - it's version 0.5.102571
  14. HackerSlasher

    [Co-oP] Take the Airfield

    Ok...for those like me that are used to PBOs but not scripts - I downloaded the 1.1 version and I take it that I just put the extracted folder with everything in it into my MPMissions folder? After doing this I could at least see the mission but when I started it, it came straight back with an error...this mission is dependant on -A3_Soft_F_Ifrit which has been deleted.
  15. HackerSlasher

    Co05_SP Silent Justice Stratis

    Hi...I can't seem to access either the 1.2 or 1.1 for that matter on speedy.sh. Both time out for me. I grabbed the 1.1 from AH instead.