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  1. Z0MBiE

    Jet DLC?

    I don't think interactive cockpits are needed in arma. I was more interested in a more realistic flight model and an overhaul of the radars and missiles. Right now the jets just feel wrong in the air imo, I can't put my finger on it but something doesn't feel as nice as other jet games. Feels really floaty. But they made the helicopters feel really nice with the Helo DLC. Civilian planes would be amazing for transport, maybe a nice big B-52 clone too. Something big and cumbersome that would require escort from jets to get anywhere.
  2. Z0MBiE

    Jet DLC?

    Think they'll ever give the jets an overhaul like helicopters? I love playing around with the Wipeout on Wasteland servers and when I'm not doing that I spend most my time playing DCS But at the moment there isn't much choice when it comes to fixed winged vehicles and to be honest they feel far too simple to fly. They also feel a bit weird, like they're flying through jelly or something. I'd definitely pay for a jet overhaul DLC, what about you guys?
  3. So I was inspired by the tents in DayZ (yeah yeah, this shit again :P), and would like to add something like this to my survival mission. So how does one go about turning tents into somewhere to store items? I would appreciate a detailed answer as I am fairly new to scripting. Thanks for any help.
  4. This was the problem. Thanks alot. Now I can get working! :D
  5. You were right, after a restart and reinstalling the latest tools it's working perfectly. I thought I had the latest tools installed but maybe it didn't work because I didn't uninstall the old tools first? Thanks for taking the time to reply I appreciate it. Also, thanks alot for the tutorial, it was your Carraigdubh map that inspired me to give this a go. Without people like you modding games would be extremely difficult to get into. ;) And do you have any suggestions of where to go after your tutorial? I'm guessing Mondkalb's tutorial would be a good next step? ---------- Post added at 08:00 ---------- Previous post was at 06:20 ---------- Now Buldozer has decided it likes to crash when I'm trying to make my own map, works fine when I preview your tutorial map. Terrain making hates me. :(
  6. So I was following Bushlurker's tutorial and got his Afghan map working in bulldozer, exported it, went to binarize it and it threw up a few errors saying "Binarize.exe has stopped working". The map isn't showing up in game. I've pasted the log it created here: http://pastebin.com/99tzMa01 Maybe someone can help me solve this. :)
  7. Is there a chance I could get a look at them Thirst scripts too? I'm trying to learn to script and hopefully make a survival mod, seeing examples would help immensely.
  8. That got it working thanks alot guys.
  9. Thanks for taking the time to make that, I appreciate it. BUT! hehe, I'm having a problem, when I try sleep 120; group Heli copyWaypoints heliPath in the trigger I get an error come up, "Error Generic error in expression". I thought just making a chopper fly around on it's own every now and then would be a bit easier than this lol.
  10. Ah, that's pretty clever. Thanks again. ---------- Post added at 16:06 ---------- Previous post was at 15:39 ---------- EDIT: I'm still not sure where in the process I would put this command. Do I put it in the "on act" in one of the waypoints? In an external script which I call from one of the waypoints? My guess was to just put something like sleep 120; chopperPath copyWaypoints Heli; into the last waypoint but that's not working and is giving me an error about expecting a group not an object or something? I'm probably way off.
  11. I see what you mean but I just can't think of how to implement it. :/ It says it'll copy the waypoints from one group to another, but I only have one helicopter unit. Would I copy it to itself? Something like Heli copyWaypoints Heli Sorry if this sounds stupid, still trying to learn the scripting.
  12. I'm trying to make a mission and during this mission an AI helicopter will patrol the island. I want it to do one circuit, land, wait, then go again. I've gotten it to do its patrol, then land, but I can't seem to make it wait. I've tried putting the numbers in the Timeout section of the Cycle waypoint and the landing waypoint but it just takes off to patrol again without waiting. Am I trying to do this the wrong way?
  13. Them first 2 ideas sound doable, I have no idea what virtualizing with arrays and action menu items means though haha. Thanks.
  14. Is it possible to turn an object (for example a garbage container or a barrel) into a container that you can keep items in?
  15. That's a good idea, but yeah I can imagine it's not pretty haha. Thanks for the reply. :)