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    Drž to pořádně nebo ti jedu fláknu,se pobleju!Aby ses neposral:D Rastabilly Skank, Michael Jack
  1. Hello, woud anyone be willing to recreate the old known (any by my opinion best) mission like Minibattlefield Mírov for Arma 3? With inovated functions , a lot has changed since OFP. I really want this. Would also have some special requests. If anybody want to speak about price, just let me know please. :) Jakub
  2. Really no next idea? ;(
  3. http://tower.zacekj.cz:8080/myscreensteam.jpg
  4. Thank you for your reply, there is Arma 2: Operation arrowhead - Dedicated server and it is possible to run it, but it still isnt in my game directory. :( Thank you.
  5. Hello, on official wiki site for Dedicated_Server are really old servers to download for windows, is possible to get anywhere the newest stable build of the server for windows? There is version 1.57 and what more, the link doesnt work... Thank you. Jacob