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  1. Hi Aus great map, really impressive. Good to see some new buildings too. :) Could you make them available in zeus so that it would be much easier to place them correctly ?
  2. chrys45

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    zeus compatibility would be awesome.
  3. Finally a new uniform. Thanks for this mod.
  4. I tried it out and have to say that this map is much better than they pictures shows. Really detailed map. Thanks. :) Even if it tooks me about 2h to get JBAD, it is worth.
  5. In the upcoming DLC there are some new very heavy vest. Do you plan to retexture this vests too. Would be great.
  6. chrys45

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    It is possible to add items (weapons, vests, unfiorms and so on) to zeus as objects like the vanilla bis ones ? Would be great to have them there aviable.
  7. chrys45

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I hope today. :rolleyes:
  8. Hi all I want to create weapons in zeus (not in a crate) but I got the problem that I cant create custom weapons like ak47 from hlc mod. The vanilla weapons are all createable in zeus. In 2d editor i normaly use: But if I use that code with _Waffe1 in zeus with mcc and write it in a grass cutter init, it might works also, but unfortunately I cant move this weopon like the vanilla BIS ones that are already in zeus. I hope someone can help me
  9. chrys45

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    maybe this one? I want to know how to use it too... :)
  10. chrys45

    ASDG Joint Rails

    Ok, thanks. I'm talking about Veteran Mod: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?184579-Veteran-mod-%28VTN%29-announcement-and-WIP/page32 I already asked them and it seems like they dont., ... looks like it's on my own.
  11. chrys45

    ASDG Joint Rails

    If I use VTN and ASDG + hlc weapons the AK weapons of VTN dissapear. The VTN Atachments doesen't fit with the other weapons too unfortunately. Has anyone a solution or idea how to fix it ?
  12. There is a house with a working elevator.... . Great amount of really detailed places. This is one of the most detailed maps I've ever seen in an arma game.
  13. If I use your mod with asdg your ak weapons disappear in virtual arsenal. I use the hlc weapons packs that required asdg but I dont wanna play without them. It would be awesome if you can make your mod asdg compatible. I already asked about it, but nobody answered.
  14. Awesome. Just Awesome. :butbut:
  15. If I use ASDG with your mod your AK Weapons become invsible and unusable in Arsenal menu. I really like your mod and hope you can/want to fix it.
  16. Can you make your mod compatible with ASDG ? Would be great. :)
  17. chrys45

    Enhanced Movement

    unfortunately still doesn't work with zeus.
  18. Sounds great. I'm looking forward.
  19. I got the same problem too. I use a countless number of mods besides RHS and MCC (don't wanna play without them), but they aren't shown in zeus anymore since i installed Ares. Maybe it is a conflict between Ares and MCC. Both takes influence on zeus.
  20. thank you. Do you know, how is it possible to attach the vehicles from beginning ?
  21. chrys45

    Enhanced Movement

    Great Addon. It's perfekt to use in stealth mission or something similar. But unfortunately it doesen't work when you take control about another unit via zeus and try to climp or jump. The player himself jumps but the unit which you toke control about doesen't jump.
  22. It is possible to get the ramp of the LCM-1E open in the editor via an init code ? Would be really awesome to manage a big landing via zeus + mcc. :)
  23. chrys45

    [WIP] Map Wake Island

    you are welcome. @Cirav Your both islands are just beautiful. Wake Island is nice to use for lot of kind of mission. However thank you.
  24. chrys45

    [WIP] Map Wake Island

    why "waiting" ? On the MANW Site of Wake Island is a download button. You can download it there.