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  1. Right. How can a shoddy implementation of weapon sway be considered as a feature by anyone?
  2. Reuter

    Hosting Issue today

    Same problem here. The usual workaround (unsubscribing from every Steam mission) doesn't work for me. Hosting games on LAN seems to be a non-issue, not once I select Internet as Host, the game simply locks up. Alright, here's the fun part: With a mod being loaded (CBA and BWMOD in my case), hosting on Internet actually works. Once I deactiate those mods, the game freezes again.
  3. Shoot a car into the engine - it explodes. Crashing a car into a tree - it explodes. Crashing a car into another car - both explode. Some game mechanics tend to remind me of GTA more often than not. In most cases it would be sufficient to make the cars simply catch fire instead.
  4. Reuter

    HE round kill radius

    I have better success killing infantery with armour piercing shells than with high explosives ones. It's ridiculous to say the least.
  5. How can you love playing at mediocre Framerates on such a powerful rig?
  6. Reuter

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    This still doesn't explain why the CPU and GPU are effectively idling in such situations.
  7. Reuter

    FPS problem.

    You are. The client's ability to render the image should be completely decoupled from the server's actual performance. Why would a stressed server interfere with my FPS? It just doesn't make any sense at all. If a server in let's say Battlefield or IL-2 Sturmovik can't handle the stress, then the only sideeffect on the client would be other players lagging around. The FPS would remain stable as a rock, even on a lagging server.
  8. Reuter

    FPS problem.

    It's literally the only engine in the whole world where the server is able to dictate the client's performance. Just ridiculous.
  9. I'd like to remind you that Arma II is still an absolute nightmare when it comes to performance in Multiplayer. What exactly tells me that ArmA III will be any different? The track record so far doesn't look too promising.
  10. Reuter

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    My fear is that this problem never gets solved and we and up having the exact same situation as in ArmA II.
  11. Are we talking of Single- or Multiplayer here?